Kids in a Big City and Pelican Attack


It’s the last day of the mid year school holidays on Monday, 16 July 2012. We have been living in Sydney since April and decided to take the youngest two children on their first train into Sydney. They were excited to ride their first train but weren’t as excited as I expected them to be. First trip into Circular Quay where they saw their first ferry, their first sighting of Sydney Harbour and many of the sights in the area. Lunch was to be hard though and they wanted Hungry Jacks(Burger King).

If Circular Quay needs anything, it’s seating. The two children sat on the ground eating their food as I stood and of course, the seagulls found us with their bloodhound skills. Chips ahoy to the birds which the kids loved as they raced for the potato. It was when the burgers came out that the seagulls became aggressive. We were hit in the head with their wings and kicked in the face with their feet as they fought to a bit of burger.

After a little look at the Opera House, we caught a free bus up the hill where we rode the Monorail which will soon be turned down. Some people are lobbying for the monorail to be replaced with a walking/running track which I think would be a great idea. Australian politicians are still stuck in primitive years when it comes to doing things expect for collecting taxes and removing liberties.

The children loved the monorail so much we stayed on board for a second round. It was a good way for them to see parts of Sydney, to get an idea of what interests them such as the Maritime Museum with retired Naval vessels docked out front. A ship and a submarine. Yes, I think a trip into Darling Harbour is in order.

It’s been a good decade since I’ve been through Sydney. While somethings change, some don’t. One thing that has changed is the disappearance of the Hoytz cinema on George Street. We saw Brave in 3D which is a good movie. Originally we were going to see MIB3 but when they saw that Brave was on, they changed their minds in unison. 

The Queen Victoria Building(QVB) is still the same but there is an extra huge clock now with scenes that I assume play on the hour as well. While we didn’t climb the Harbour Bridge as they wanted too, we did take the train over the bridge then back to come home.

Out of the four children, we have one left who has not seen Sydney yet. When she goes in, maybe the Art Museum would play a part as she’s into art. There were some interesting ideas to do in the future though such as the train ride through the Botanical Gardens. 

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