Saw some free ranging kids today



Today was laundry day and as the weather was nice, I packed the two youngest along with the eldest and drove to the laundrette. Across the road is a playground which is where I sent my children. My eldest(15) to watch over the other two who at too young to be left at the park alone for the moment.

Once all the laundry was washed and dried and had been stuffed in the car, I joined my offspring at the park. For a bit there, there was a group of children who were playing there without a single adult to supervise them. How refreshing is that?

While I agree in letting kids play without having to be monitored the entire time as if they are serving time in prison, it did feel weird to not have adults gawking at them the entire time. Are the feeling of being free.

The day was finished off with a visit to a shopping centre the children had not been to before to buy ingredients for dinner. Before heading home, we stopped at Gloria Jeans Coffee for a coffee. The youngest two having water. My eldest tried out a Mudslide which tasted to me like an expresso with rich chocolate…chilled.

I’ll have to buy one for myself one day. I had the cafe latte. Very nice.

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