They Made It Home Minus Alien Abduction

It’s Sunday and laundry day.

There is a park across the road from the laundrette in Kingswood, a town about 50km’s west of Sydney. While I was in the laundrette waiting for the clothes to wash and dry, my three youngest children aged 11, 9 and 8 years old were across the road playing at the park enjoying some play getting some parent free play.

When it looked and felt like it might start to rain soon, I decided it was home time but instead of driving them home, I got them to walk home alone. They did not actually know the way home from the park so I gave them directions to the shops near their school which was easy as it was basically a straight line there.

I took myself a little time coming home and so decided to sneak off to see how far they got without me seeing them. As I couldn’t see them anyway along the track, I thought they snuck back to the park but no, I saw them starting their walk home, obviously having a peak at the shops they had not looked at before and so back home I went.

Can you believe it? They got home safe and sound without having a mobile(cell) phone on them. They did get a little lost on the way but they found their way easily. You know they were home cause you could hear the happy voices of children from the walk alone instead of the usual moaning and groaning you hear from them after the drive.

And they want to do it again. Sounds cool by me.

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