Always Watch Your Chilren, say Police

While at the laundrette on Sunday waiting for laundry, I was perusing a free local magazine where I came across a short article about a young girl who walked off from her mum in a shop, only to stumble across a man in his 60’s who was masturbating. While this was the wrong place to ‘get off’, I don’t know if I’d share the allegation of ‘exposing himself to a child’ if the child came across the man already enjoying himself.

At the end of the article, the Police advised parents not to leave their children unsupervised while at the shops. This message did remind me of the time when we lived in Rockhampton which is in Central Queensland. You see, our son who was three or four years old drew pictures on small squares of paper only to walk up and down the street putting his artistry in letterboxes while naked.

People being what they are now I guess, one neighbour chose not to bring him home but to leave him walking around the street naked and rang the Police. We didn’t even know this until the Police came to our house. Our son, was playing in his bedroom. Now we let our children play in the backyard whilst naked if they wish too. This one decided to extend the boundaries.

The message I heard from the visiting Police Officer which I heard often up there, was to always keep an eye on your children…always know what they’re doing…etc. When the Police tell parents the FEAR FEAR FEAR message, how can we encourage parents to let their children go free?

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