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Australia – Clumsy children labelled as neglected. Has the State gone too far?

It doesn’t matter which western nation it is, the constant interference of the family unit never seems to end and now to the point of the absurd.

A few weeks ago, I looked at a New South Wales Government website(Australia) regarding road rules for children on bicycles and found on a few pages where they wrote that children should play in the backyard under full supervision at all times. What happened to free play?

In a Queensland newspaper, the Courier Mail, there is an article where Child Welfare Services(CPS, DOC’s, etc) have been ordered to consider all accidents and injuries of children no matter how minor, as a high risk category of child abuse. Child Psychologist, Michael Carr-Greg has slammed this as leading to more over protective helicopter parenting.

Just as well I am not a child today as I was a very clumsy child indeed and I am still clumsy. In fact, I always wore bruises and injuries of some kind. I had sprains, strains, fractures, etc all caused from being highly prone to falling over, etc. It must be said that in Australia, it has been the way for some time now that when a child injures themselves, the Paramedics, Doctors and other medical staff have found themselves forced into playing the role of Detective. Like when one of my children fell in the bedroom, landing flat on her face which made her nose swell and bleed. When the paramedics arrived, they have to investigate the scene and talk with the child asking the 20 questions.

No wonder parents have become too scared to allow their children to climb a tree for the fear of getting hurt. With such interference, children are not getting into free play which certainly has a detrimental health affects on children including their mental health.


The article: Clumsy children labelled as neglected 

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