Blaxland Riverside Park Playground


The youngest two children age nine and eight years old were restless yesterday. Bored and not much to do so I was threw them in the car along with a netbook computer to waste away my time while they played in the playground at McDonalds at Minchinbury. The playground there looks quite large.

On the way over in the car, my wife and I decided to drive further away and ended up at the Blaxland Riverside Park playground located at Sydney Olympic Park. It is a magnificent playground that is built into the natural landscape such as a slide that goes through a small hill. This is also the perfect playground for parents to take their children are who not into hovering over their offspring like flies on faecel matter. A crude term but one I see fitting for parents who have to hover over their children non stop. At this park, parents can sit back and let their kids go nuts.

We sat near the kiosk as we don’t have our own fold up chairs to take with us. Away from the area but nearby is a large picnic table set up and free BBQ’s. What a perfect way to make a day of it.


There is also a water section where water spurts out of the ground. I think we’ll go there on a hot day with swimmers and towel so the kids can get wet and not have to ride back in the car soaking wet. We’ll also have to bring the eldest two children aged 15 and 11 years old for they will enjoy it for sure.


We did end up at McDonald’s at Auburn nearby where the kids got to play in the large playground there. They aren’t use to everything being so big and so much from growing up in a regional city some 700 km’s from the nearest capital city. The free internet there was so slow, I have to wonder why bother they even bother having it at all.

Not ready to go home, we drove through Bankstown then to Heathcote before driving to Wollongong down the south coast. We didn’t get out when we got there. I tried to get near the coal terminal but you can’t get close due to the security set up. I thought it would have been good for the kids to see even if it was early dark.

Then we turned back onto the Freeway till we turned off on Appin Road through to Appin then into the back of Campbelltown and into Narellen where we stopped at McDonald’s for ice cream. I am not fond of their food but I do like their hot fudge sundae and their soft serve. Then back home we headed.

Will have to head back into Blaxland Riverside Park again. Would be good to make a day of it. Shame we can’t all fit into the car.

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