New Cave


The house move is complete. Well, just about. All that is left is getting what little we left behind up north in Rockhampton which is only a mix of boxes, bags a few other stuff making a pile about three cubic metres. 

We rented a 3 ton truck from Budget in Blacktown which was a nice truck to drive. First time I’ve driven an automatic truck. When the truck first changed gears, I thought something was wrong with it as the engine seemed to cut out. What a relief that was when I realised it was just a matter of gear changes.

Thankfully there wasn’t much to move at all and that there were other people to help as I really can’t do much of it any more with thanks to Movement Disorders. Most I did was drive the truck and help with a few of the things.

This is a comfy house probably made in the 1970’s. While I enjoyed the ease of living in a fairly newly built house in Rockhampton, the older house is less of a worry with kids as you aren’t worried about them damaging the house where the slightest mark shows up in new homes. And we’re only a very short walk to the kids primary school meaning the 9 and 8 year old kids can head off to school and back alone without having their 11 year old sister with them, who misses the longer walk.

As we are settling into the new home, the eldest is living on campus at a University this week as part of a program for Year 9 girls at high school seeking to encourage them to study in maths and science fields. I’m sure she’s having so much fun that she’s barely thinking of us.



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