Last Day of 2012


Today is the last day of 2012 and what a year it was. We had three end of the world’s which all failed. Well, the western Mayan fixation can’t be blamed on the natives but this religious obsession of blowing up or zombies clawing their way out of the sod.

For my family, it saw us move from the tropical Rockhampton in Central Queensland where we had lived for eleven and a half years. A place I miss yet am glad to be out of(long story). I drove down with my two eldest daughters, two cats and a dog. We took out time taking the 1800km drive southwards to Sydney.

Besides the leg stretch at Childers and a nap at Gympie, we spent the first a good four hours resting at the Gold Coast. A seafood breakfast, the ocean breeze and a very good relax. Followed by an hour or so at the Macadamia Nut Castle near Ballina, far north region of New South Wales. They have a petting zoo there. Would love to spend a whole day there with all the family and spend a lot of money. We had a drink and ice cream before heading off again, next stop a good few hours drive to Coffs Harbour at the Big Banana which was near closing time. Amongst the other stops, the funny break at Wyong just north of Sydney. You see, there were a lot of Police Officers getting their feed from McDonald’s and I was heard making a  little joke about it. As soon as we started to leave, a handful of cops followed us out and I saw them look at my car and the number plate so I set the cruise control at ten kilometres under the speed limit. 

My wife flew down a week after us with our two youngest children who both had their first flight. Seems pretty much everyone on the plane knew the kids had never seen a city before by their excited talking while seeing all the lights of Sydney, Luna Park, etc. From the airport I drove them right into the CBD of Sydney where they saw buildings go right up, instead of the much shorter buildings of Rockhampton.

Eight months of living in another person’s house and we have our own place. We ended up staying in Sydney for the children were enjoying their schools here are they are doing well there. Our second eldest will be in her final primary school year and ran for student leadership election. She made it pass the first stage but not the second and final stage. She gave it a go though. That’s all that matters. Much better than not doing and wondering all your life, ‘what if’.

On the last day of December this year, the media is carrying the story of convicted child sex offender, Denis Ferguson who kept trying to sneak his way back into fields of employment to near children, is dead. Not many a person will miss him. “Not a bad start”, as one person commented on Facebook.

For the final night of the year, we will be home. I would have loved to have taken the kids into the city for the fireworks and the youngest three aged 11, 9 and 8 years old have never seen New Year’s fireworks. Only the small fireworks in Rockhampton held but not for New Year’s Eve for Rockhampton does not celebrate it. Oh wait, the pubs and night clubs do but no family events.

I am finishing the year off with a bung left knee which has been sore the last few days. Swollen today. Not to worry, I have bought myself a bottle of Mead liquor. I have never had mead before and I am looking forward to it. Will have to get back for the other two types of mead. So tonight I will be raising my glass of mead to the Gods of Old. 

The end is end near and the new year is about to begin. Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun.

The Year is dead. Long live the Year!


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