What Heat?



Last night they were giving Greater Sydney an extreme weather warning for a blistering hot day. With predictions averaging at 45’C(113’F), I threw all of my clothes on a pyre, poured over some flammable liquid and set them alight. With hot weather like that, who needs clothing?

Now it is a quarter past three in the afternoon and it is at its hottest so far today, only 37’C(98.6’F). The online weather website says it is 39.4’C(109.92’F) with humidity at 20% and I have barely broken a sweat. I burned all my cottons for this?

Okay, I confess. I have spent the all but two out of the past 12/13 years up in Queensland. Most of them up in the tropics of Capricornia in a regional city called, Rockhampton. It is cool up there now at the moment for them at just under 32’C(90’F) with a low humidity of 36%. You see, up there in Rockhampton it is usually around the 40’C(104’F) mark with humidity between 80% to 100% during the day. So I guess I am a bit spoilt. I look around at all the red coloured drained faces as I’m asked; Aren’t you hot?

It is a warm day for sure. It certainly makes my empty water glass warm to touch when I pick it up and it does make my neurological health play up on me a bit but nothing like it did up north in the tropics where I struggled to do simply daily things like opening doors when the heat struck.

My 11 and 9 year old girls have gone for a walk in this weather. They don’t seem too bothered at all but all they know is the tropical weather up north and they played in that. I sit here in the raw, not bothering with clothes. Who needs clothing when it makes you hotter as it reduces the body’s ability to cool itself.

I am a naturist though so who needs an excuse to let the body cool itself down in the heat by burning the cottons on the fire?

I feel like going skinny dipping!


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