Nudism and Paedophiles


I am not happy. I am angry. 

When I created this blog, I told myself that I was not going to create a nudist blog simply because I have had one once. I did not have a problem with paedophiles. I had a problem with adult sex sites linking onto it because of the links including; naked, nude.

I clicked on a link to see a story that took my out of my late night stupor for as a person who raises children in a household where the children decide if they wear clothes or not, I have had to deal with fear of child molestation. When we lived in Rockhampton, my kids liked to play in the backyard both dressed and undressed. When the youngest two played outside naked aged no older than 3 and 4 years old, a lovely neighbour kept wasting Police resources on us. Well, on me. 

Police resources wasted on me, the father, because every time the Police rocked up, they only wanted to speak to me as the father, an evil insidious male out to molest children. Not once did they ask to speak to my wife. When I suggested they speak to her because she sees her children naked, they said they were not interested which led to me asking these male cops if all men are paedophiles. 

So here I am reading this article about the Nude Olympics held at Maslin Beach. First time since 2007 due to a lack of sponsorship. The organisers have allowed the Police to bully them into not allowing children to be naked at a nudist beach but the children are allowed to stand with naked adults. Where do these people get their sick demented mindset from and how do they feel this protects children from sexual assault?

I have studied Youth Work and completed the study successfully. Not once did we learn about how nudists are evil people craving to molest an innocent child. When I filled out the ‘Child Employment Blue Card’ application, I was never asked if I was a nudist, only if I had a criminal history and other related legal matters. Anybody got an idea what kind of people the way majority of child abusers are? I’ll help you; persons known to the child, most often a family member/friend or member of Clergy. Also, do you know where paedophiles hang out when they perve on children? I’ll help you on this as well; playgrounds and walking along the road. Holy moly, children are dressed while being perved on by sick bastards who should be executed.

Much of my frustration and anger is aimed not only at Police who view all men as child molesters(I’m surprised men are allowed to serve), I aim my barbed words at the mugs who organised this year’s Nude Olympics at Maslin Beach.

Why? Because by forcing children to cover up, they are aiding the view that children are in danger in a naturist community. I am also angry because it is not illegal for children to be naked on any public beach so why are they allowing themselves to be treated as if they are evil?

With attracting paedophiles. Nudist beaches do have a history of attracting perves but they attract perves who come to look at developed women because they have been raised in a society which can only see non-sexualised nudity as a ranging STI exchanging sexual orgy. Nudists don’t show women’s breasts to sell shoes along with a congo line of products unrelated to a woman’s mammary glands. 

It was only back in the 1980’s when I went to Sydney beaches such as Cronulla Beach where they had indoor and outdoor showers at the beach. Some used the indoor shower, some used the outdoor shower. I remember seeing both genders and people of all ages rinsing off in the outdoor shower, many of them naked in public. This never cause children to be taken for a sick round of child sex.

If anything, the communities with the biggest histories of child abuse are family members and religious clergy. So why aren’t we banning them from being around children? 

How is this for a child protection measure; instead of locking up children from having a childhood, how about the idea of using a length of rope or a guillotine to execute people who molest children? 


CHILDREN taking part in this year’s Nude Olympics at Maslin Beach will be told to wear clothes to deter paedophiles.

South Coast police have advised organisers of the Sunday, January 20, event to ensure all children are wearing bottoms while taking part in any events, including the children’s sack race and treasure hunt.

South Coast Sgt Malcolm Marr said police met with organisers to provide advice about safety at the event.

“We thought it was appropriate to advise that children wear bottoms to deter any untoward behaviour,” Sgt Marr said.

Organiser Debbie Pillar, whose Pilwarren resort near Swan Reach is sponsoring the event, said she wanted the day to be a “safe family event”.


Rant over.

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  1. 1

    awombatsweb said,

    Even better is child sex rampant in the Australian Public Service;

    “A FORMER Jakarta-based diplomat has urged the government’s royal commission into child sexual assaults to include an investigation into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, claiming it was involved in “paedophile cover-ups” 30 years ago.

    “The South-East Asia division was then known as the ‘ped division’,” Shane Carroll, 62, who spent 23 years with DFAT, said.”

  2. 2

    […] Nudism and Paedophiles  A Wombat’s Web […]

  3. 3

    Excellent article! We share your sentiments on this whole sorry mess.

  4. 4

    grasseynoel said,

    I had a visit from the Brissie Boys, Operation Argos back a few months ago 2012. It threw my whole family into a stress over one questionable photo which slipped through my normally conservative limited collection. It put back years my families recent change to naturist values. My teen kids were supportive but scarred. I dont know how we approach society with the request to lay off Naturists whilst still weeding out the criminals

    • 5

      awombatsweb said,

      Queensland particularly has a tainted mindset and it will only get worse with the religious fundamentalists in power now. They view it an amber light alert for child sexual abuse should a child see a parent dart between the bedroom/shower naked. Their minds are full of filth where everything is about sex and they seek to mud everybody else.

  5. 6

    David Pillar said,

    Where do these people get their sick demented mindset from and how do they feel this protects children from sexual assault?

    We do not have a sick demented mind set
    We wanted to bring back the Olympics
    We have no choice in the matter of the childen wearing pants
    The police would force us to shut the event down if we did not insist on children wearing pants – it is not our choice
    We do what we have to in order to get it up & running even if we don’t agree with the terms, it is the only way we can make it happen, that is by agreeing to the terms & conditions set by SA Ploice, we have no choice

    • 7

      awombatsweb said,

      I am saying you let them play you. It is a nudist beach and it is legal for the children to be naked so how can the Police shut down a legal activity?

      • 8

        David Pillar said,

        The police do have the power to stop the event, we have no choice. We have to let the “The police play us”, they can & will shut it down if we do not comply, take my word for it. I am the person who had to front up to the Christies Beach Police station to negociate the Olympics with the police. There are other reasons, there are other blogs on other sites with people with very strong veiws on the subject that are making very treatening threats of trouble in a number of different ways, just hope they are all wind & bluff & no substance.

  6. 9

    […] “The police would force us to shut the event down if we did not insist on children wearing pants – it is not our choice. We do what we have to in order to get it up & running even if we don’t agree with the terms, it is the only way we can make it happen, that is by agreeing to the terms & conditions set by SA Police, we have no choice.”  – David Pillar responding at Nudism and Paedophiles […]

  7. 10

    David – If you would care to pass along some info about those threatening blogs we’d love to look into it a bit. This is the ‘other side of the story’ that folks should know about when considering organizing such an event. It’s easy to forget how hostile the outside world can be!
    Feel free to drop an email to if you’d like to discuss this more. – Steve

  8. 11

    The Spideron said,

    Various high-profile sex abuse cases, while rare, have created a kind of mass-hysteria, a fear of paedophilia that is well out of proportion to the actual threat. Modern society has become tainted by fear, so that authorities over-react and mothers do not let their children play without their constant supervision. I pity the children of today, for they lack the freedoms I enjoyed as a boy and socialise far less. It is an unhealthy situation for them.

    • 12

      awombatsweb said,

      Absolutely. And if you studied Child Psychology and have another decade or three left in the field, you’re in to make a fortune of this style of parenting.

  9. 14

    Patricia said,

    Hola! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

  10. 15

    This is an interesting article. On the one hand, I feel that there is nothing wrong with nudity, and no one should be ashamed of the human body. (Especially in the context of being natural or closer to nature).

    On the other hand I can understand the authorities’ concern. I don’t think anyone is worried that nudists are dangerous to children; I think they are worried about people *pretending* to be nudists so they can show up at a nudist event and look at nude children. When it comes to protecting children, I think the authorities would rather be safe than sorry…

    • 16

      awombatsweb said,

      The problem with this reaction is that authorities are treating all men as child molesters. I stopped my studies in working with youth because the mentality that all men are sicko’s who just want to rape children held by so many people. Police are only confirming such paranoia.

      This mentality, regarding with the cops at my front door only caused my children to fear the Police and to fear being naked for the fear that their father was going to be locked up in prison because they chose to be naked.

      There is nothing good about this action. The mob known for child abuse is organised religion. One of the Royal Commissions just held in Australia found the Anglican Church involved in their own pedophile ring where children as young as five years old were taken to nursing homes, forced to have sex with the elderly. Where’s the Police action against them?

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