Is Australia’s Future Hate Ridden?


There has been a surge of hate driven division over the past few years. Yes, I know it is not just happening within the confines of Australia but as I live in Australia and I don’t feel like writing a thesis on how much the world has gone to the dogs, I’ll stick with Australia.



Tony Abbott, Leader of the Federal Opposition

Above is Tony Abbott, Leader of the Federal Opposition/Liberal Party. For those of you outside of Australia, the Liberal Party was created as a big city middle class political party. Over the past 20 years, it has gradually moved further to the right just as the Australian Labor Party(as they dragged the left wing over along with them) has.

When John Howard was the Australian Prime Minister leading a Liberal Party Government, he wedged the classes. He used stratification offensive where those who are not so well off were demonised as sucking off the Government tit. Even the terminally ill and disabled were demonised. Nobody wanted to pay attention to fact that the growth of welfare was not to the lower end of the scale but to people who did not need a Government hand out. They took the hand outs but they gave them other names so they didn’t have to admit that they were accepting welfare. 

After the Howard Government, Australia had a short time with Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. He was somewhat incompetent and more wanting to be a celebrity, or so it seemed but the politics of division was gone. We had no Government nudging the people to hate but Rudd did not last long and was booted by his own Labor Party who installed Julia Gillard in his place. She didn’t win the upcoming election but she did retain Office of the Minority Parliament with agreements with Independent members of Parliament.

Tony Abbott ran an excellent campaign in 2011 and did well to smash a Government in it’s first term. Highly unheard of before in Australia. People don’t just smash into first term Governments. It is from this election that Tony Abbott and his political mates in the Liberal Party have been wedging like there’s no end. Not squarely aimed at the poor though but aimed at people who are from overseas, people who are not Christian, etc.

Most recently, there was a violent clash between two groups. One group being Pacific Islanders, the other Australian Aboriginals. Their warring goes back longer than the white settlement of Australia. In comes Andrew Laming, Liberal MP for the Federal Seat of Bowman. Andrew Laming is from the Cleveland area of Brisbane who chose to use his Facebook and Twitter accounts to incite voters to hate people on welfare. He used this racial conflict to accuse them of bludging on welfare as the screen shot of his Twitter account below. I have included the whole screen shot so you can see his Twitter address.


A person holding any position of public office should be seeking to help to calm the situation down, not do what ever they can to make people angry and flare up an already sensitive situation. I am a former member of the Liberal Party back in the 1990’s and I am disgusted with what the Liberal Party has become. It was not hate ridden back then but it certainly is now. When I was a member, people from all parts of society could sit down together. It seems as if neo-nazis have taken over the Liberal Party with their malice to divide and conquer the unthinking masses.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard, followed by, Jenny Macklin who earns over $600 daily, says she can live off $35 a day…an insult spat in the face of those people struggling with the daily costs of living.


Here’s the problem that comes next. Who do you vote for when the Government under the helm of Prime Minister Julia Gillard is just as divisive who uses level of wealth/poverty, your racial background, etc to divide and conquer? It’s as if she didn’t think she could win with true leadership so she threw her arms up in the air and went with malice. We currently are seeing single parents singled out as if they are the disease that ruined Australia, painted as unemployed bludgers despite the facts, backed by stats, proving that the majority of single parents on the the Single Parent Pension do actaully work and many are studying to enable themselves to step into the world of employment. 

It gets even worse. It was only last year, 26 January 2012 when a group of Aboriginal protesters were lured into a trap. The Article, LINK HERE – made the Aboriginals look like a bunch of violent thugs but when you watch the news footage, the only punches thrown were by the Police riot squad. I regard this protest group as very controlled to refuse to throw any punches no matter how many times the Police struck them and drove them back as if they were being violent. I find it perverse that this protest group was informed of Tony Abbott’s whereabouts through the Prime Minister’s Office, given to a group known for protest action, only to have a fully dressed riot squad waiting for them. 

THE spark for the riot near the Aboriginal tent embassy that threatened Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott came from the Prime Minister’s own office when information was passed to protesters about the Opposition Leader.

One of Ms Gillard’s media advisers, Tony Hodges, resigned last night after conceding he had disclosed Mr Abbott was at The Lobby restaurant, next to the tent embassy, and information was passed to protest organisers.


“Staffer, Tony Hodges takes the sword for his Queen”, should have been the story headline. Here we have a Prime Minister who has used her Office to trick an Aboriginal group into getting into a violent clash with Police to make the Aboriginals look violent, Tony Abbott as the instigator and of course, herself as the poor little victim when in reality, she’s the perpetrator. Just as well she didn’t burn down the Reichstag. 

I read what Australian voters are posting online. I listen to what they are saying on the street. I refuse to listen to the bullshit raging on talk back radio as the shock jocks incite. All this has turned Australia into a nation where nobody trusts one another. We’re all distrustful. Somebody else is getting something better than them. Every male is a child molester. Every mum who opts to stay home to raise their children is sucking the nation dry. All young people are dumb violent drunks and lazy. 

While Australians walk around like brainless zombies, muttering mindless bullshit and allowing politicians, media groups and other interest groups with a vested interest to divide them, we the people are being royally screwed. I’d really love it if they stood back, told these groups to ‘Go and get fucked!’ and just refused to further on this hatred. 

Much of the fabric of society has been torn apart. Not by homosexuals or blacks or what have you. It’s been shredded by politicians, media groups, multinationals who suck the world’s wealth dry for themselves and us, the people who allow greed, jealousy and envy to over rule our simple commonsense. 

It’s easier to fear though. 

I can’t wait for this young generation to take over. They are questioning and telling the powers that be to shove it. They stand by each other. They help each other. They don’t accept the political bullshit shoved down their throats. They tell the powers that be to shove it!

I love it.

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