Prostitution to Feed the Kids



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On the 1st of January, 2013, welfare changes came into effect in Australia where single parents on the sole parent pension were put on the unemployment benefit, Newstart which not only pays less money, all of the pension discounts are lost, making life much more expensive.

According to several media sources in Australia, this has led to a sharp increase in brothels and strip joints receiving job applications coming from single mothers so they can keep a roof over their head and food on the table for their children.

I find it rather interesting that the Australian Labor Party, a self declared bunch of Democrat Socialists who rally against the injustice of greed, have acted against exactly what their party’s Constitution declares they are about in the Preamble;

2 The Australian Labor Party is a democratic socialist party and has the objective of the democratic
socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate
exploitation and other anti-social features in these fields.

I am wondering when this political party built of both the left and right wing factions are going to reword their Constitution so it states their intent to make people prostitute themselves so they can eat? A bit of honest would go in their favour, wouldn’t it?

Not that I am against prostitution. Should an adult wish to willingly participate in the career of prostitution within the confines of a legal brothel, go for it. You have my support. When people are forced into prostitution so they can eat, that is when we should be disgusted. Quite a number of sole mothers claim to be single because their ex was abusive. What a wonderful example our feminist Prime Minister has offered to our young growing girls.

Our wonderful Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has dishonoured the Office of Prime Minister yet again by putting parents into the tight economic position where they must fuck to feed their children or eat out of garbage bins. And while this is happening, our God fearing Catholic mongrel and Leader of the Opposition(Liberal Party) remains ever silent. Why does it not surprise that a Catholic supports compelled prostitution? Must be something about history.

I wonder what kind of Christian moral values Tony Abbott will bring to Australian politics when he’s elected to the Office of Prime Minister? Something highly likely to happen in late 2013. After all, the one person he looks too for guidance and wisdom, Prime Minister John Howard, declared being terminally ill not a good enough to not look for a job amongst other lovely Christian moral issues driving his policies.

Can you feel my contempt?

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    awombatsweb said,

    Here’s an example of just how much families of a single parent household are being made to feel pain under this Government run by a political party that claims to be for the poor people;

    “I have been working since before my son was born.. I had my 12months maternity leave..Have been back at work ever since. The father pays a total of $6.00 pf matinence.. I have soley bought my son up, I was advised from Centrelink I would loose approx $180.00pf.. My first reporting date this year,I had lost $370.00 pf.. Will possibly loose our house, have to cancel my boys tutoring lessons and somehow deal with his disabilities with NOTHING. Going from being able to earn just over $150pf before loosing benefits to now earning $62pf.. No incentive barr self respect we have to work oh and my son spends so much time on his own BECAUSE ITS ILLEGAL TO BE A MUM,SINGLE MUM-WOTEVER,HAV TO BE A MACHINE.. Their is no benefit in the Welfare Shift, just more depressing times….”

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    seldombites said,

    Like most radical feminists, Gillard subscribes to the view that ‘women should have the right to choose as long as they choose the same as me’. Having chosen to put her career ahead of having children and perhaps regretting it now that it is too late, she is commencing a campaign of punishment against those women who chose differently. Welcome to the real face of feminism folks.

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    […] I blogged previously about how single parents in Australia have started to turn to prostitution to put a roof over the heads and food in the bellies of them and their children which was titled, Prostitution to Feed the Kids. […]

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