New School Year 2013

Our four children returned to school this week. One in Year 10 who returned on Thursday while the  other four now in grades six, four and three returned on Wednesday.

Our kids’ primary school has mostly composite classes and we our girl in Grade 4 is in the same class as last year, which is good as it’s basically going to be like repeating the year for her. She’s gone up a grade without going up a grade. 

We asked the school to repeat her as she was struggling. Actually, we would have liked our son in Year 3 repeated as well because you see, when we moved from Queensland to New South Wales(NSW) in April last year, they did not put them down a grade. You see, Grade 1 in Queensland is Kindergarten in NSW. Grade 2 in Queensland is Grade 1 in NSW, etc etc etc.

They should have put our youngest back a grade to equal what where they were in Queensland but by keeping them in the same numerical grade number, they effectively skipped a grade and struggling for it. Our son was doing better though with a good teacher. So a bit of extra help for them will be necessary. 

This is the final year of primary school for our second eldest in Grade 6. She will be sitting an exam in her bid for an enrollment in a Selective High School so she can be around other academic students who want to be at school, not the usual interruptions by kids who make noise and disrupt the learning of those around them simply cause they don’t give a shit about anything. Hoping she gets in the local Selective High School which would mean a short bus trip or a walk. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a trip each way.

They are both enjoying school already which is good. The year is only young.

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