My First Ever Complaint Against Media



Today I made my first complaint ever against a media. I am not the sort of person who looks for something to be offended about. I even had to search for how to make a complaint through Google, so you know that I was not happy with what I came across.

I was reading online this morning on the, Sydney Morning Herald(SMH), an article on the country town of, Bourke located in the north west area of the State of New South Wales, approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi) from State’s capital city, Sydney.

This article is about the town of Bourke being a town experience a lot of crime for the size of town’s popuation. The article; “Bourke tops list: more dangerous than any country in the world”, which is supposed to be about crime, has to run with the false perception enjoyed by my fellow white Australians that the Aboriginal peoples are nothing but crime ridden people using drugs and alcohol.

I admit it, I use to believe this story but then I moved to the regional city of, Rockhampton in Queensland where the truth opened my eyes. The drug and alcohol fueled violence isn’t being caused by the Aboriginals, it’s highly caused by the white Australian. I was warned to be careful of them when I moved there but I quickly saw the truth with my own eyes. Which other group can be harassed by Police for committing legal acts in public such as sitting quietly as a group in the shade of trees to escape the hot tropical sun without a fuss being created for harassment? I was bowled over when a cop quickly stood in front of me to give the 20 questions all because an Aboriginal lad yelled out me; “Hey Brother!”. Fucking pathetic!

Here is the letter of complaint I emailed the Sydney Morning Herald today. If I don’t get a response or a suitable response, I will take it further. Surely this should come under the Racial Vilification Act.

2 February, 2013

“To Whom It May Concern,


“I am writing with concern about the article it in your newspaper(SMH) printed on; 2 February, 2013 titled; ‘Bourke tops list: more dangerous than any country in the world’. URL link CLICK HERE.
“The article is supposed to be about the crime issues in the Bourke area. While there is no mention of Aboriginals as a factor, the string of photos(13 in fact) were all of Aboriginal people not committing crimes. This can only reaffirm the false perception that Aboriginals are nothing but lawless people who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, solely because these issues are raised, with visual images of indigenous people. I am confident that the SMH knows well the power of visual images over the written word and perceptions.
“Having spent time living in a regional city where a large number of Aboriginals live, I know that while there is an alcohol and drug problem, they are no more prone to this than ‘White Australians’. In fact, I commonly saw the Aboriginals affected by alcohol quietly walk to the riverbank where they sat away from busy areas of the riverbank. Never did they cause trouble. I often took the time to talk with them, most conversations started by them, to me.
“When you look at the alcohol fueled violence, it was committed by my fellow white Australians as they leave the night clubs, vomiting over the footpaths and streets, glassing people, smashing the windows of taxi cabs and more. It got so bad at one point that every cab owner threatened to keep their cabs off the road on Friday and Saturday nights to keep them away from violent white Australians. This being the area of Rockhampton, Queensland. On speaking to people living in other regional/rural areas, they all agreed that they saw the white Australian causing the violence which white Australians blamed the Aboriginals for.
“My main concern is that the photos only seeks to further entrench the viewpoint that Aboriginals are bad people for the big city to lap up through their ignorances created by the walls of their concrete jungle. It both saddens and frustrates me to see white Australia continuing to demonise the Aboriginal peoples of Australia when they are striving to improve their lot, no matter how hard white Australia keeps trying to shove them back in the darkest corner like some disease.
“I request that you remove these photos from the article.”
Yours truly,

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    Nick Oba said,

    Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight.

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    […] On the second of February, 2013, I sent an email to the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald(SMH) about their article, “Bourke tops list: more dangerous than any country in the world”, which I viewed as written the context to further pursue the negative image of Aboriginals as drunks, criminals and violent people. I asked for the photos to be removed as they did not fit in with the context of the article. My blog on this matter can be found HERE. […]

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