Bye Bye, Google

Some months ago, I found myself starting to tire of mega internet company, Google. I first came across them as a search engine as most of us did, if not all of us. Then Google created a web based email provider called, Gmail.

Gmail was by invitation only and I really enjoyed it. Having a Gmail account cut back SPAM to zilch and the privacy levels were excellent. Until came the day Google decided to open it up to everyone just like any other web based email provider. It didn’t take long for the spam to start and even worse, I learned one day that some email providers automatically Gmail as it has become a major source of spam and lethat computer destroying attachments. Google also spies on your emails so they target you with ads.Ā  I stayed.

Then came along Googe Plus and their Hangout application which is an excellent platform to conference video chat with up 10 people total in the room. The quality was excellent. I used hangouts to meet up with fellow video creators on Youtube.

Early this year, I received a warning by Google to give them my real name as my name was not acceptable to them. I appealed on the basis that it is my real name and tried to reason with them that my name is not a Christian name you would normally see in Western nations. I also explained that my spirituality is pagan and my name is related. Nope, not good enough for them. I must have a name that they accept as being a reasonable genuine name. The only option left to convince Google is to provide them copies of personal identification but I will not provide such information known for stealing your personal information and using it for target advertising.

Yes, I decided to change and have created an account with Hotmail/Live.

That was Step 1 started. Now to inform the name to those I wish to have it.

Then comes today. I was looking through my Google Chrome browser and what do I find? Google had attached applications that target me for advertising. No, not happy. I’m filing for a separation from Google.

Google Chrome has now been replaced with SeaMonkey by Mozilla. I already have a Firefox browser as I have two accounts with a small handful of social networks, etc. Need two browsers.

I am happy with SeaMonkey so far but it is early days yet. A nice clean picture and fast browsing.

Not being finished with telling Google to get stuffed, I have started to experiment with alternative search engines. From what I’ve seen so far, Dog Pile which has a clean appearance. Can’t give a review. Too early.

There is only one mob I will be keeping using that is owned by Google…Youtube. Youtube it is as I have two accounts as a video creator. However, I am experimenting with Vimeo.

As for you, Google. Your greed, your invasion of privacy, your theft of my personal details, your actions on planting third parties on my Chrome browser without my permission has led me to say to you – Fuck Off!


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  1. 2

    Welcome to the club! Google is into too many things for comfort.

  2. 3

    Just 1 small problem there; YouTube is Google.

    Sorry. šŸ˜¦

  3. 5

    seldombites said,

    I, too am experimenting with different non-google type websites. It’s amazing how many people don’t realise just how many google alternatives are out there, many of them better quality. With just a few adjustments to your expectectations, it is possible to have a completely google-free web experience. It’s a shame that there aren’t any viable YouTube alternatives for ordinary vloggers (not you fancy quality TV types), though that is only a matter of time, I think.

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