Welcome Home, Jack!


At approx two months, two puppies were found in a carpark on a hot tropical summer day in Rockhampton. My wife and I were walking through to, Sam’s Warehouse when I found two puppies. We collected them and a trip to the Vet later, no microchip and told that the pups were Coolies.

Coolies are a working dog bred in Australia by a German farmer. For this reason, some people call them, German Coolies. They are a highly sourced breed for cattle farmers as that is what they were bred for. They are intelligent loyal dogs said to have little to no road sense.

We found a home for Riley. Riley went to live on a cattle property to spend his life chasing cows. He was a very energetic dog so I gave him to the farmer. The other dog is, Jack. Jack was named by my son. I didn’t send Jack off to the farm because he barely ran around the yard as he mostly wanted hugs. A lazy dog wanting nothing but hugs does not make for a good farm dog.


The photos shown here are older photos. Poor Jack is looking a little worse for wear after being out of our care. I think he found it stressful for his behaviour started to change where he is occasionally withdrawn and started chewing himself which has led to losing a lot of fur.

I drove him home today via the shops. I drove to the largest shopping centre locally as it is covered. I parked on the level one level under ground level so the car would stay cool for him. It was a hot afternoon today and leaving him in a hot car is not only illegal, it is cruel.

When we pulled into the driveway, I closed the gate and opened the car door for Jack to get out. He has this thing about sitting on my seat, the driver’s seat when I get out of the car so he had to travel back across the car to hop out. It was interesting watching him look around the new surroundings. Wish I saw his face.

He’s quickly settling in though and he’s found our girl cat, Mokona who he loves so much. She not overly happy though. Mokona is not accepting of dogs nor other cats. She should adopt some gratitude to Jack though as he has protected her from a gang of cats who tried to beat her through sheer numbers. I saw Jack run up in front of Mokona and use his head to knock the cats out of the way.

He’s had a bone. Been fed and received an empty jar peanut butter jar to lick clean. Jack’s happy. The kids are happy. The family is happy.

Welcome home, Jack!


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  1. 1

    Yay! So glad he is home!

  2. 2

    seldombites said,

    I am so happy to have him home. Now we just have to get him off to the vet on Thursday to get him checked out. Poor Jack isn’t in great shape right now.

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