Out of the Closet – I’m Gay


Yep, it’s true. I’m gay. Time wave my rainbow flag for my wife, my two eldest children(girls aged almost 16 and 11 years old) and I, are all gay.

No, I do not seek to mock the LGBT community. I seek to mock one of Australia’s newest political parties, ‘Rise Up Australia Party’ created by the loonies who created the, Catch the Ministries of Fire Church, a mob who blamed the Victorian bushfires which killed approx 200 people as God’s fury against the Victorian State Government’s abortion laws.

This group is made up of people full of hate. People who use religion to get away with persecution and escape anti-Discrimination Laws, allowing them to express views of malice against any person or group who does not fall within the narrow confines of their world viewpoint.

Their latest rant is to attack a Greens Party politician(Adam Bandt) for being a ‘self proclaimed homosexual’ solely for supporting marriage equality. Now I am no Greens Party supporter. I am rather suspicious of many of their policies so don’t take this as a party political rant. I think they all suck. (News Link)

Rise Up Australia is pushing the stance of anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-what they refer to as unAustralian, etc. I find it interesting that Pastor Dan who is running on their Senate who appears to be pushing what sounds similar to ‘White Australia Policy’ is a person of Asian descent. Now I don’t really support the policy of multiculturalism either as I view it as promoting segregation where nobody mixes. It’s not as if we didn’t mix before hand. Multi-racial is fine by me.

As I blogged recently, Australian politics has quickly taken the road of hatred and I don’t like how many people are lapping it up. We have become highly divided over the past decade with thanks to fundamentalists in religion and politics. – Aren’t they sides of same coin anyway?

As my wife, my two eldest children and I support marriage equality, we’re gay. Out of the closet and gay as there is a rainbow pictured above this post.

Rise Up Australia’s Facebook page

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    seldombites said,

    Ministries of Fire are kooks. They always have been kooks and everybody knows they’re kooks. Not too many people take them seriously. Stating that anyone who believes in gay rights is gay, is akin to saying that anyone who believes in women’s rights is a woman or anyone who believes in animal rights is an animal. Nutters.

  3. 3

    Congrats on becoming gay! We’re so happy and excited for you two! Does this mean that your kids are gay now too? Are they OK with that?
    Angie and I tried being gay once but it didn’t take. This was right around the time that gays were first getting the right to ‘sort of’ marry in some states and, as everyone expected, straight marriages across America began to be destroyed.
    That’s when we had to give up our conversion to gayness; as much as we wanted to get into all that fun ‘those people’ have! We made a promise to our loving God when we married and we’re trying to stick with it so we don’t have to go to Hell and suffer eternal and everlasting damnation for divorcing.
    Of course, turning gay would have pissed God off too, so I guess it’s just a case of… are you ready for this?… we’re… are you REALLY ready?… damned if we do and damned if we don’t! 😉
    (Angie’s groaning in the background…)

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