Happy Valentine’s Day Jack. Here’s your needle.


Go back a few days. It’s a Thursday morning on the fourteenth of February. For those romantic types, it’s Valentine’s Day. All lovey dove feelings are carried in the air like particles floating around, affecting those like a stab in the arse from a stick of wood poked in by some little naked fella with a bent twig and a line of twine. You can feel the romance. All that love in the air.

And so our day begins and we take Jack for a drive. He’s a happy lad getting to ride in the car. He loves his drives. Even invites himself into the if you’re not careful. Let’s face it, he just loves the company. For working dog breed from cattle stations, he’s not very suited to the farm for he loves hugs. And so, with much love on this fine romantic day, we head off and take him too…

The Vet!


We originally found Jack and his brother dumped on a hot tropical summer day in Rockhampton. His brother, Riley or whatever he’s called now moved for a change lifestyle chasing cattle near Dululu. Not knowing what was happening with Jack, we didn’t bother with things like micro chipping. We now know that we have Jack since he can live with us after being apart for three months.

It’s like exploring for a new vet all over again having not needing a vet in this area for a very long time. The Vet I once took my pets too is long retired. The Penrith Veterinary Clinic is like a Medical Clinic where there are a few different vets on the job instead of one Family Doctor. We saw a young lady called, Fiona. Fiona is certainly a natural with animals from watching her with Jack.

Jack was there for his check up and vaccinations including parvo virus(parvo) which is rampant. More so in Queensland at the moment where we brought him down from. He was also checked for heart worm which is also a problem in Queensland due to the tropics being a magnificent breeding ground for mozzies(mosquitoes). All clear, making prevention medicine easy.

Due to Jack having lost a lot of fur which had begun growing back, he got that checked out too. He was tested for mites and got the all clear. He may have an allergic reaction to fleas as where he was staying away from us ended up having a bit of a flea issue. I did drop in flea rinse him a few times while he was living there.

As for Jack’s eyes, the eyes are good. One eye has clouding over it but not covering his pupils which both responded good to the torch in the eye treatment. Everything else is fine. Top stuff.

We left with a dog who had two needles. One to take blood, one to inject his vaccination. Also two tablets. One for fleas, the second for worming including heart worm.

Next Thursday we take him back to be desexed and microchipped. Imagine doing that to him on Valentine’s Day?

Then it was back home to drop Jack off before heading out for lunch at the local Gael’s Club.


It’s not often the missus and I get to go out alone to something like have a good lunch. Being on the Disability Support Pension(DSP) doesn’t exactly pay a lot of money. After dropping Jack off at home, we headed up to the Gael’s Club which is an Irish Club near Penrith, west of Sydney.

For members, they have a $10 lunch meal which is the plate of food and free drink(beer, house wine or soft drink). The missus ordered the beef roast. I didn’t order from the $10 meal menus but chose a sausage meal which was three crumbed sausages with salad and chips. There was some mustard and a sweet dipping sauce with Guinness as an ingredient. The whole meal was yummy, washed down with a yummy Toohey’s Extra Dry beer. The missus downed a glass of red.

I was interested in the beer glass as it didn’t even look like a beer glass but something I’d use for soft drink on a hot summer’s day. The glass also was marked with the beer brand I was drinking so I’ll have to go back and order a different beer to see what beer glass I get.

It’s a nice little club which was once a squash club back when I was in high school. The building is far more attractive to enter now it’s an Irish Club. đŸ™‚

The first time I went to this club was back in January, 2000 for my brother’s wake which was kindly put on for us by our friends in the Irish community local here. My schools were enrolled with quite a high Irish population. It was kind of them to put that wake on for us.

Were it not for the fact I was driving, I would have bought a second round of beer but alas, I don’t drive with beer in the belly unless it’s just one or two consumed in a safe time frame so it was the coffee and cake special for me as dessert. Yummy chocolate mousse cake for both of us. The missus, the lucky bug, lapped up a yummy pool of Bailey’s. It’s not often we get to do this but it was good to be able to do this.

The prices for meals are well priced. The quality of food and service is fantastic. Five Stars!

Come school holidays, we will have to look at taking the four kids up for lunch. At $10 per meal and six people in the family, that’s not a bad price. We will be back.

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