Toddler Drives Car – Cops Spit The Donut


Baby Driver on the Rampage

In the State of Victoria here in supposedly laid back Australia, the Police are on the hunt for a man or maybe even a couple who put a toddler behind the wheel of a car while driving through suburbia.

The video and article can be found HERE 

After watching the video, you will, if you think anything like me, quickly come to the realisation that the car is traveling at a safe pace along a quiet suburban road, not along a busy highway or such. And, the man’s hands are actually attached to the steering wheel. The man is controlling the car, not the child.

Call me old fashioned if you must but isn’t this how we once raised our children before we became scared of our fragile little mites tripping over a blade of grass and fracturing at least half of their skeletal system?

I have a cousin who had the luxury of growing up on a large country property. By the time he was ten or twelve years old, he was able to drive everything up to a semi-trailer. Yep, all 36 wheels worth. He could even drive and work on tractors and motorbikes and knew how to safely handle a rifle and shoot pigs. He’s still alive and last I heard, now owns his own transport business.

Had I in my possession, rented or owned, a property where the kids could drive around the property in what we Australians once referred to as a ‘paddy basher’, I would. A car small enough for a ten year old to reach to reach the pedals and a seat belt that works. What a way to learn how to drive. The fun way!

But we’re in the big city surrounded by a never ending sea of concrete. So we can’t. Such is life.

I hope the Police don’t get hold of these people as I can see the Child Welfare mob weighing into it. While the Police are restrained by evidence, the Child Welfare set are restrained only by the limits of their own imagination.

Do you agree with the Police and that they endangered the child or are you like me and crave to rip away the endless sea of bubble wrapping from our society?


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    seldombites said,

    I find your blog interesting and informative while retaining entertainment value, so I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  2. 3

    seldombites said,

    Oh, and I don’t think Daddy Dearest did a damn thing wrong. Bloody do-gooders.

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