I have my own thoughts on this subject which I will formulate and express later.

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I have just had the (dis)pleasure of watching a DVD called Ditto’s ‘Keep Safe’ Adventure Show. This is a show developed by Hetty Johnston’s Bravehearts Organisation. It is pitched at 3-5 year olds and comes with a ‘Keep Safe’ colouring book. Meant to combat child abuse, this show is the program of choice in many Australian schools. In most cases, parents are not consulted, or even made aware that the program is being used.

Quite apart from any issues I have about anything being taught to my children without my knowledge or consent, or with Hetty Johnston and her views, I have several concerns about this specific program.

Let’s start where the show does – with yes and no feelings. The signs and symptoms used by the ‘safety fairy’ to describe no feelings (which she equates to feeling unsafe) are: butterflies in the tummy, a fast-beating heart, needing to use…

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    seldombites said,

    Thanks for re-blogging. I will be interested in reading your thoughts.

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