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Free Ranging – Letting Our Kids Loose


My youngest two children climbing a playground while visiting Emu Plains.


Our youngest two children are aged nine and eight years old, waiting to turn ten and nine later this year. A lot of children these days simply don’t have the self confidence that children once had and the reason is that they are not allowed to be independent, able to explore and are hovered over far too much. Mine aren’t anxious but they don’t have the confidence I believe they should have.

Go to children’s playgrounds and you’ll often seen parents lifting their kids up the climbing toys instead of letting them climb which strengthens their muscles and develops their motor skills. As well as helping them to be develop the skills needed as an adult to make decisions based on good/bad risks, etc.

With regard to my youngest two, a boy and a girl, the boy the youngest, my wife and I sent them off to the park just a short walk from home with just each other as company. No elder sisters, no Mum, no Dad. They could go off together and play on what little  has been supplied by the Local Council or run about on the large space of grassed area. They know the rules of not going anywhere with strangers but not to be afraid of strangers.

When they came home, they were the happiest I’ve seen them after time at a park than I’ve seen for a long time. They were glowing with happiness because they loved being able to play without being watched over. The feeling of trust also gave them a quick confidence boost. What they ended up doing mostly while there, was climbing trees.

They obviously loved it yesterday afternoon because they are off again but this time at their request. Not only have they gone to play up a tree they love to climb, they asked to take a small picnic lunch with them so they can eat and play there. Ahh, the feeling of independence and trust placed in them.

I don’t expect them to be showing the positive results just as yet but from what I’ve seen in this small amount of time, I do believe that the results will most likely develop in them sooner than thought. Then again, I have no idea how long it will take for them to develop this confidence boost.

Like other kids these days, they have been showing a lack of confidence in decision making and a bit scared to take simple risks. The way forward is letting them free. There is more than enough evidence to prove it. Doctors in Australia have started to publicly ask parents, carers and schools to let children run amok. Let them run, trip, climb and fall. The Doctors are seeing more than enough of children breaking more bones than before to accidents that should not see a bone break. The lack of physical activity and a the lack of sun on their bodies is a health hazard.

Now that they love this park and going alone, the next steps is the oval with a little playground a little further away but there are shops just across the road where they can buy something to eat and drink. Will have to buy them both a new helmet for their bikes so they ride around once again.

A caged chicken is unfit for consumption. A free ranged chicken is stronger, healthier and tastier. Let the kids run free!


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Top 30 Deadly Australians



Below is an article from, Australian Geographic listing a list of Australia’s deadliest animals as according to the Australian Museum of Sydney. When I first read the sweet honey bee at number two, I was stunned, but once I clicked the link, the reason given is understandable. They are immigrant Australians though as the native bee does not sting.

Of the top thirty, the following is the, Top 10 is below;

Danger rating: 10/10

1. Box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri)

Danger rating: 9/10

2. Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

3. Irukandji (Carukia barnesi)

Danger rating: 8/10

4. Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas)

5. Eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis)

6. Saltwater or estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

7. Sydney funnel web spider (Atrax robustus)

Danger rating: 7/10

8. Blue-ringed octopus (Genus Hapalochlaena)

9. Coastal taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus)

10.Common death adder (Acanthopis antarticus)


If Australians had a thing for picking up wild koala, I am sure that they would also be in the list. Never pick up a koala in the bush. They’ll show you how to bleed.

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Obama’s alien bodyguard?

This little bit is from a Queensland newspaper, Courier Mail.


Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with footage of an odd looking bodyguard seen with President Obama, suggesting the guard is an al…

via Obama’s alien bodyguard?.

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Give Bees A Chance

Give Bees A Chance

Now here is a funny news feed to get on your phone.

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A Consequence of Fearing Strangers

It was late yesterday on a Thursday afternoon, a day before Good Friday where I was sitting on a wooden bench seat while the missus was doing some shopping. I had just sat there watching plain clothes Police swoop a man who had just walked out of the supermarket without paying for all of the items when a mother left her two young children while she went to the supermarket.

She sat her two primary school aged children on the same seat I was sitting on. I assume they would have been in grades 5 & 4 roughly. The girl, the youngest of the two, was sitting closest to me where she was struggling to remove plastic of the toy her mother had bought for her so I offered her a key to use cut into the plastic. What a response.

This girl immediately leaned into her brother. He quickly grabbed her and stood on the other side of the shopping trolley and huddled as if they had just been traumatised, then grabbed the trolley and walked to a different spot, occasionally looking at me. The girl was so fearful that she looked like she was going to cry.

Nice go, Mum!

Now that you have your children completely shit scared to have any stranger talk to your kids, what are they going to do should something actually happen and they need to talk to a stranger? Do they need a Police Officer to trust? There were two plain clothed Police standing right there in front of us the whole time but your kids wouldn’t know that they were there due to a lack of uniforms worn so those two men would be dangerous too.

And when they reach adulthood, how emotionally damaged will these two children be?

Teach your children about stranger danger but not that all strangers are dangerous.

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Kids Sport Fruit Just Got Real

Kids Sport Fruit Just Got Real

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Eighteen Years

We didn’t really do anything for it today but today would mark the 18th year in which the missus and I started seeing each other. We have been through a fair bit over the years. Some things we’ve been through would have broken many a pair up.

When I see as 18…I’m 18…I feel rather young.

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