Keeping Men Away from the Women & Children for Safety Reasons


In the pink: An artist’s impression of a proposed women and children only carriage.

Here we go again with another round of, ‘All Men are Sex Offenders’.
Only a crazy male would even try to work with children as they are viewed as suspicious around children. Quite often, the small amount of childcare centres that do employ men like to ban them from the same room of a child using the toilet or even, where a baby’s nappy is being changed cause we all know how uncontrollable men get with their sexual urges when they see any form of genitalia including that of a baby’s.
Now, with the kind suggestion by the, New South Wales Rape Crises Centre and, the Transport Union, a proposal to segregate all men from women and children to protect them from rape is on the table. What will they do for fathers with their children – separate them from their father because being a male, they lose all control and molest their child due to their uncontrollable urges to control and dominate and to smash and destroy with their huge maniacal cocks?
I kid you not.
The article found on the Sydney Morning Herald – Link.

Pink train carriages – for women and children only – should be introduced to give them ”safe zones” at night, according to a plan by the NSW Rape Crisis Centre and the transport union.

They are calling on the government to trial the carriages next to guard carriages, from 7pm to midnight for three months.

There were 203 reported cases of sexual assault and other sexual offences on the rail network in 2010, according to the most recent data. Women aged 18 to 29 were the most likely to be the victims.

While the rate of assaults was rising, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research director Don Weatherburn said that given the number of passengers the rate was still low.


But Karen Willis, executive officer of the crisis centre, said many women refused to take trains at night because they felt unsafe.

”While it is always the offender who is responsible for their behaviour, this option … with access to the guard and security alarms, may encourage women and children to go out and enjoy all that our city has to offer without being concerned about what may happen in the train on the way home,” she said.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union national secretary Bob Nanva said women-only carriages had succeeded in Brazil, Japan, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel and Taiwan.

”A trial of pink carriages is a worthy idea,” Mr Nanva said.

”It has worked internationally and would create a safe space where women know they are free both from the threat of violence, but also harassment and intimidation.”

Now I don’t know about these other nations and their circumstances.
Regarding here in Sydney, are women not going out at night because they fear their safety on trains or do they fear for their safety in public areas in general?
One thing my family and I quickly noticed on moving to Sydney is just how scared everybody here is. I’ve had people telling me that you should never let you kids outside alone ever in Sydney. You barely see any kids on the street unless they guarded by adults known to them who, statistically speaking, are far more likely to harm them. The rate of crime in Sydney isn’t really that high at all but they listen to the media and their stories of how you’ll be the next on the chopping block if you DARE walk away from that television and step outside.
Sydney’s City Rail system already has a safety carriage set up at night. Sure, it does not start as early as 7pm for that would be foolish for having only two carriages(middle carriages) open for business would see thousands of people left without passage. Besides, Sydney trains ferry a lot of people from 7pm as people are still coming home from work and what have you.
Let’s not forget these services provided for safety reasons;
At what point do we stop this furthering of security to feel safe; Police on every street corner, wrapping women and children up with rusty electrified barbed wire, imprisoning the women and children in an underground concrete cell?
And what happens when they leave the safety of their pink carriage?
And once again I ask…if the adult male is so dangerous and full of sexual criminal activity, why don’t they just ban all males from society including the removal of all men from positions of Public Office and positions of authority such as Police, Emergency Services, politicians, the list is never ending…


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    JR East and JR West have been doing this for years in Japan. However, it is completely honor system based. An attempt was made by a small commuter railway in the U.S.A. and was immediately deemed unconstitutional by the state supreme court. Data from Japan has shown that these “women” only cars do not work, simply because once the train is underway, there is no way to keep people from moving between the cars.

    • 2

      awombatsweb said,

      Thank you for your comment. I read somebody comment elsewhere on this matter, saying that Japan no longer has this female only train due to it failing. Are you able to confirm this as true or wrong?

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