My Anti Anti-Gun Message

Anti anti-gun message —–> For those particular people who want gun ownership banned, here’s a little history showing that banning shit just does not work;
  • Communist States banned all religion but it never disappeared but went underground. China accepts religion now as it’s the only way they can control it.
  • Gaelic – The native Irish tongue was made illegal and the British Empire was extremely oppressive with the Irish. Gaelic is spoken freely now so obviously the ban did not work.
  • Martial Arts – Many powers that be have sought to crush the people by illegalising fighting styles. To preserve these styles, they were hidden in the forms of dance. The poor were banned from owning weapons so they trained to fight with farm tools.
  • Prostitution – Something that has never disappeared and never will no matter how illegal one makes it. Many Governments woke up and decided to regulate the industry so they can control it and collect taxes from sex workers.
  • Alcohol Prohibition – Well that worked fine and dandy. Created a whole new industry for organised crime.
  • Drug Use – Drug use laws are strict yet drug usage is up Up UP!
  • Street Hooning – Oh yes, these low life rejects who don’t give a shit should they hit some poor bastard. Where Governments have provided access to off road hooning under the supervision of Police and Paramedics, the number of these dickheads filling the air with rubber late at night, drops.
So many examples can be given which demonstrates that simply illegalising and banishing does not work. What does work, is fair and reasonable regulation.

Those who point at America as the reason for banning guns are refusing to accept that there are other nations with guns who have much lower gun crime rates. It’s not the guns but the mentality of the people. As much as I like American people, many an American does have the ‘KILL EM ALL’ mentality to solve their issues and THAT is what I believe is the core of the problem.

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  1. 1

    Got Angie a .38 Special Derringer for her birthday last week. Purse gun. She thinks it’s cute! A little gun.with big bullets. Belly gun.
    Lest the faint of heart feel aflutter at that idea, Angie used to be pretty anti-firearms too. A few years ago we had three crackheads try to break in at 3AM. 12 gauge shotgun changed their minds. Changed Angie’s too!
    The police agreed, when they finally got there.
    Sing kumbaya all you want, but keep your powder dry because THEY aren’t singing anything you want to hear.
    This has been a personal opinion and in no way necessarily reflects the views of All-Nudist or its management, Angie & Me! 😉

  2. 2

    Yeah, l`m pretty much with you on this one `Wombat`. l`ve never had any type of fire-arm. l alway found the Howard regime ramped up gun Laws after Tassie quite bullshit. All that happened was law-abiding responsible folk, who never were any threat to society disarm. Of course the criminals and the crazies didn`t. l had several, mostly older neighbors give up their bunny busters (22 rifle) or duck dusters (shotgun) and they were all good people who were very responsible.

  3. 3

    Boss said,

    Your blog is full of misleading statements. Communist regimes did not make religion illegal. There are/were churches in Communist countries.
    prostitution is not illegal in Canada and other British-legal countries. Living off the proceeds of prostitution, such as pimping, and soliciting customwers on the street is but that does not make prostitution illegal.
    No law can prevent something from happening it can only punish people who commit the act, unless they are stopped just ahead of time.
    But tht being said, making certain acts illegal does significantly keep down their incidence. Laws generally are effective. unlawful acts are the minority of things that happen not because we have so few laws but because people are generally law-abiding and because most laws passed by democractially-elected governments reflect the public will of the populace. The U.S. Consititution was changed to enshrine the right to bear arms – it can be amended again to specify or dispense with that right. It is not set in stone – that is why there is an amending formula – if the U.S. people want it changed.

    • 4

      awombatsweb said,

      To contrary, systems such as the Soviet Union were very anti-religion so the religion went underground. You comment on prostitution completely misses the point. There is legalisation now as they realised that it would be best to regulate the industry. And if you believe that the elected Governments of today are representative of the people, then you need to look at the current relationship between the two.

  4. 5

    “elected Governments of today are representative of the people”…LOL! Thanks, I need a chuckle!

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