Adam Giles – Australia’s First Indigenous State/Territory Leader


Northern Territory Chief Minister, Adam Giles.1st Indigenous State/Territory Leader

Australian politics can be tough. You have to be a strong leader and you have to perform or you just may find yourself in the bowels of political history without an election as those behind you, your Parliamentary Party Team, dethrone you to stay alive.

In less than a week, two conservative leaders have been sacked by their own Parliamentary teams. First was the Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu who was seen as a weak, ineffective leader. With a slim majority of one seat, they Victorian Liberal Government gave Ted the flick.

Next to go was the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Terry Mills who only recently won Government from the previous Labor Government. Due to some rather unpopular decisions followed by a thumping at a bi-election, Terry Mills was quickly replaced by, Adam Giles who as an Aboriginal, is Australia’s first Indigenous person to be a Leader of a State or Territory.

With Adam Giles now as the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, I wish him all the best and I hope that his new role can see Aboriginal peoples be helped out better.

As much as I have not been liking the conservative mobs lately, I pay it to them for once again doing what the Australian Labor Party likes to claim as their achievements. It was a Federal Conservative Party that put an Aboriginal in Parliament first. The Labor Party is always behind. Labor is the only mob to have put a woman in charge but it’s only when they are so unpopular in Government that none of the blokes want the job.

So here’s to you, Chief Minister Giles. Do your best and make your people proud!


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