Sydney, Australia. Where Everybody Lives In Fear

paranoia- cctv

I believe that I have already written about people all seeming as if they are scared of being attacked should they dare step outside. Especially where kids are involved with something apparently lurking behind every tree, on every rock, in every unknown car, on top of every cloud…

Yes, on top of every cloud is silly but so is this constant fear of being scared. Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales is one of the safest cities in the World. We don’t live in an environment where buildings are being blown up, bombs and rockets fall from the sky, parents butchered and their children taken only to be forced into being child soldiers and yet we are a society so scared of everything around us.

Who pushed and encouraged this fear?

Media and politicians. Both who have a vested self interest. Media because they more they encourage us to be scared, the more money they make from us as we foolishly depart with our money. Politicians because the more we allow ourselves to be scared, the more they get to take away the very things World War II was to preserve – Our safety, our freedom and our existence to be as we are.

Our children don’t win. Our children lose as they are raised to be anxiety ridden, to fear all people they do not know, to no longer trust. We adults are creating a future where the professions of Pychiatry and Psychology will be huge money earners as our kids seek out an immense amount of counseling to repair the shitty fucked up child rearing they received.

If you want an example of current mindset, look at this conversation I started on my Facebook page. All identities are concealed for privacy reasons and the chat sequence is colour coded so you can see the conversation. I particular would like you to see the red response. The other is more just fun banter between I and the other fella. This is an all male conversation here. The red respondent is a retired teacher.

FB sydney paranoid chat IDs blocked

I find it very disappointing that showing a concern of children not being out there in the great outdoors and wondering where they all are, leads to the polite warning that people will be thinking I have devious intentions in mind. And you know what? He’s probably right. He’s probably right because when I have asked such questions before, I have had people wanting to know why I wanted to know.

Australia was the nation of going outdoors as our most regular activity as natural as a koala sleeps in a tree for most of its life.

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