More Race Attacks on Australian Public Transport

A Federal Election will be held in September this year and the sooner it gets here the better for I am sick of hearing both sides using racial tones for their own vested interests.

I do agree with the Prime Minister that there are employers who abusing the 456/457 Visa programs which are meant to import labour staff to fill genuine work skill shortages, and that some employers are importing such staff to reduce working standards. It is time to protect Australian citizens from losing their jobs because some employers would do anything to make more money no matter how it harms others.

While I am unhappy with the Prime Minister being sneaky in working on the fears of the average person, I more point the finger at the Federal Opposition with people like Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison who are deliberately pushing every single button possible to incite racial mistrust and hatred. The Liberal National Party will do anything to win power and I find this scary.

Since this racial politics started coming out of Canberra, the incidents of racial abuse has increased. Sure, it’s always been there and coming from each community but not like this. Not to the point where people are being abused on public transport without a care.

I must ask the question though; What is worse – People verbally racially abusing people or, sitting back and enjoying the show or, stopping people from trying to stop the abuse because you support it?

Want to know how a nation easily slips into regimes run by hatred? Look at how Australia now. We’re well and truly on our way.

He started yelling at her – “do you speak English?” and “why are you in Australia?” – so Mr Kim apologised on her behalf and said she didn’t speak much English.

The man then turned on Mr Kim and abused him, including telling him and his aunt they were “disgusting” and calling them “Japanese pigs”.

“He shouted, ‘Why did she come to Australia if she does not speak English?”‘ Mr Kim said. “This really outraged me but I was still trying to say in a civilised manner that she is a tourist and doesn’t have to speak English to visit Australia.”

One witness, Yong Wang, said he and another passenger intervened and told the man to get off the bus but they were either told to be quiet or were ignored by other passengers.

The other passenger, who only wanted to be known as Heidi, started filming when their attempts to intervene failed.

It was only when the man blocked the front doorway that the driver instructed him to get off so the bus could keep moving.

Mr Kim, who has lived in Australia for nearly three years, said he was upset by the incident but not shocked, because he has been subjected to racial abuse in Sydney on several occasions.

“It wasn’t the first time me and my family have been abused like this. I was just lucky this time that someone recorded it.”

To seek to turn people on each other to gain power demonstrates just how evil they are. Tony Abbott must never be allowed to sit in the Office of Prime Minister.

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