The Catholic Church and LGBT



For many years I have had some interest in the discussion of sexuality and the Catholic Church since I attended Catholic schools for eleven years from Kindergarten to Grade 10. I left school on receiving my School Certificate and started work, furthering my education at TAFE which is a Technical College. A strong foundation of job skilling in Australia which sadly, has been quickly eroded by politicians.

Anyway, there is a lot of noise about the Catholic Church and sexuality in the medias. Some of it bullshit created by ignorance of those who really don’t know anything as they’ve never been in the system. The Catholic Church also plays a role in this bullshit because of the moral chest beating they do despite what they are really like. If only they preached what they practiced and I don’t mean the child abuse matter.

Despite all the lunatic ranting against all sexuality that isn’t made up of the stuff of Adam and Eve, my time within the system taught me that the Catholic Church not only acknowledges the matter of homosexuality, it is often accepted. At times with a wink and a nod.

My Christian Brothers high school, an all boys school, knowingly enrolled homosexual boys and did what they could to protect them as these boys were being bullied and bashed at their previous schools. Not that they had to offer protection to these boys as we really didn’t care about homosexuals. There was the anti-gay banter. Some students genuinely against but never seeking to hurt them. If anything, the ‘gay bashings’ that happened at my school where boys were hurt, were actually those who were falsely accused of being gay. I can only assume that it was just creating a reason to beat them up. And no, I was never part of it.

The teaching staff knew who the homosexual boys were just as much as we students did. Well, the ones who didn’t hide it anyway. They didn’t come out of the closet but they just acted as themselves. In Year 10, our school camp was at some holiday place where there were holiday units. Each block had to units. Like a duplex but more modern cabin like. The boys who were often referred as, “The Poofter Group” were all allocated the same room. I was in the room next door and we made some noise, a bit of extra noise to drown out the sounds of the boys next door having sex. We didn’t care, we just didn’t care to hear it. I actually snuck out to see if I could hear better but I couldn’t hear anything from outside.

And in the news just the other day, illegal downloading of tranny porn has been traced to the Vatican. They don’t know who downloaded. Might not even be a member of clergy but it is a strictly Catholic environment and there are accusation of homosexual practices at the place so who knows. LINK CLICK HERE

Either way, the Catholic Church accepts it within. If only they wore this honesty publicly. It would certainly help to reduce the issues of depression, anxiety and suicide amongst young members of the LGBT communities.

Any actor appreciates reaching a new audience. But when two porn actresses discovered that their work was being downloaded by an anonymous source in Vatican City, it’s a feeling not so easy to describe.

“It doesn’t change my stand against piracy, but I was pretty excited,” Tiffany Starr, a pre-op transsexual, told The Huffington Post.

A scene Starr filmed with actress Sheena Shaw is from one of the adult films that Torrent Freak discovered was downloaded from an IP address in Vatican City.

While Vatican City is the home of the pope and the Catholic Church’s hierarchy, it’s unclear who watched this film — or if that person has any connection to the church. The sovereign nation within Italy has roughly 800 residents, according to the CIA World Factbook.

“Some religious people look down on adult films,” Starr told HuffPost. “I think this sends a message not to be ashamed.”

She also hopes that it helps, in its own way, make things easier for transgender people.

“It might open eyes that things aren’t so cut-and-dried,” she said.


A vlog I made on tranny porn and the Vatican. Pretty much summing up what I posted above.

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