GONSKI – The So Called Education Reform


Oh dear Prime Minister, once again you offer the world but merely rearrange the furniture to make it appear as if you did something real.

Your GONSKI reforms to Australia’s education keeps coming under fire. Now that you have started to announce where the money will come from, all I see is just another shit house Government at work. By merely shifting funding away from universities to the primary/secondary schools, you have not improved the system at all.

Thank frog that you aren’t a car mechanic because I reckon you’d swap the faulty car part with a good part from my car, and put the bad part where the good part was which merely transfers the problem elsewhere. Yep, it seems that you really are out of your depth in the role of Prime Minister after all.

The Gillard government has announced $2.3 billion worth of cuts to the university sector to fund its Gonski school reforms.

While not outlining how much of the funds would go towards the Gonski reforms, Tertiary Education Minister Craig Emerson said the government had found three “substantial savings” that would affect universities.

This came shortly after Treasurer Wayne Swan announced a further $520 million saving measure targeting tax deductions for self-education expenses.

Dr Emerson said the government would place a two per cent efficiency dividend on university funding in 2014 and 1.25 per cent the next year, saving about $900 million.

The government will also scrap the 10 per cent discount given to students who pay their university fees upfront, saving $230 million.

A further $1.2 billion will be saved by requiring students to pay back start-up scholarships once they enter the workforce and once an earning threshold is reached.




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