Farewell, Chrissy Amphlett


Christine Joy “Chrissy” Amphlett, lead singer of, The Divinyls (25 October 1959 – 21 April 2013

Way back when Chrissy Amphlett burst onto the Australian music scene, women were to be seen as soft gentle insecure ditzy chicks to be sexy. You know, the dumb blonde thing. Chrissy ignored all the rules and smashed down these walls which encouraged other women to be independent, confident and intelligent while being sexy.

Personally speaking, I have always found the Marilyn Monroe persona to be annoying. I do not find it sexually appealing where being stupid is the key personality factor. No, I have always preferred people who are independent, intelligent and self confident. I find these women attractive. I want a conversation where I can be challenged, not be followed around by a woman who behaves like a friendly puppy.

And here we have Chrissy. Strong and confident on the scene. She is her own person on the stage and challenges the awful stereotypes of the dumb stupid woman. Her voice is raw and honest. Chrissy put herself out there for us to see. Like her, love her or hate her, Chrissy was Chrissy and that is something I highly respect.


Sexy as.

I have loved listening to Chrissy’s voice leading her Australian rock band, The Divinyls since I first heard them. There aren’t many female singers I like. Rock chicks especially but I love the sound of Chrissy. Whether it’s her voice or watching her acting on her video clips, Chrissy is a pleasure to watch. She is an endorphine releaser.


The Divinyls

Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis(MS), Chrissy is a champion of encouragement to us to do things for ourselves for she never let her neurological illness stop her from living. She rocked on stage be it singing or acting. She had dark days but she was a fighter. And now, one of her final wishes is to have her biggest hit song, I Touch Myself, be used to used for breast cancer health messages.

In the end, breast cancer took her life and stole her from her family, friends and fans but she will always live on. We will always love you, Chrissy Amphlett.

Her legend is eternal. Her status is immortal.


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