The Pokie Plague in Schools

I would have to agree. This looks like a method to get children addicted to gambling before they even know that they officially start to gamble.

Capitan Typo's Adventures in Critical Thinking!

With the current national focus on Gambling, particularly Tom Waterhouse’s never ending interruptions to televised sporting events, we might see a return to the debates on poker machines and their ubiquity in social venues around Australia.

The big issue being investigated is targeting gambling ads to children, and a key accusation of Tom Waterhouse is that his interjections into popular sports broadcasting is glamorising gambling in the eyes of the young fans watching the sport (Peter Fitzsimmons wrote an amusing opinion piece on the issue here), however I’m personally becomming much more concerned with the growing popularity of poker machine gambling among school-aged children.

No, they’re not using fake-IDs to sneak in to pubs and clubs and waste their lunch money. Instead, they’re playing poker machine simulator games on their mobile phones.

I don’t know if this is a recent and growing trend among teenagers, or if my recent move from a…

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