New Modem/Router


D-Link N 300 Wireless ADSL+2 Modem/Router

So I bought a new modem today. Our old modem which we got back in October, 2010 was reaching its death as it kept connecting and disconnecting from the internet like two people having an amazing session of sex.

Not only was the internet messing up our interconnection but a watch on the phone line for a couple days saw Telstra sound out a technician for there was a line fault. That line was fixed and now, the new modem was purchased.

I bought the D-Link modem from OfficeWorks for $130 which came with a three year limited warranty. Whatever a limited warranty is. I didn’t buy it for the warrant but for our needs. Whatever modem/router we own, it has to cope with 3 wireless computer connection, the telephone where part of it is wirelessly connected, a couple of other devices connected and, I want to be able to connect up at the other side of the house if not outside the house.

I had to return to get a replacement as the package did not come with everything such as the start up disc. The next package was a full package. After setting it up with a little help from Telstra Bigpond, I then had to get help from D-Link for a little help with getting the wireless function to work.

From both companies I got excellent help to guide this silly goat.

Anyway, now we have internet back with a fully working modem/router so we can watch videos online again. I can upload videos as well. Good stuff.

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