Triangular $5 Coin


25th Anniversary Coin, Australian Parliament House

To mark the 25th Anniversary of the Australian Parliament House in Canberra which replaced the first Parliament House that was always intended to be temporary, a triangular shaped five dollar note coin is being released. All ten thousand of them and I want one. Or two or three

Those who talk about the influence of the Illuminati will probably be all over this one like a flies on road kill. 

Canberra is often labelled the city of swings and roundabouts but the triangle will be featured as the Australian capital celebrates the 25th birthday of Parliament House.

The nation’s first triangular coin has been minted to mark the quarter century milestone of the big house on the hill.

The uncirculated equilateral coin with rounded corners carries a $5 value.

Ten thousand coins will be struck, made from 99.9 per cent silver and depicting Parliament House as viewed from one of its courtyards. The Queen’s profile is on the reverse.

The iconic triangular flag mast atop Parliament House is a focal point of the coin design.

A limited-edition, round 20 cent coin made of cupronickel is also part of the mint’s tribute to Parliament House. It features the current building with Old Parliament House in the foreground.

“Australian Parliament House was recognised as a major international architectural achievement when it was opened by Queen Elizabeth II 25 years ago,” MP Bernie Ripoll will say during the birthday launch of the coin on Thursday.

“It is fitting that the mint is demonstrating its own innovation within a minting context with Australia’s first triangular coin.”


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    S.C. said,

    It will probably go for a big premium considering the low mintage, but I want one. I’m not interested in commemorative coins, but I like weirdly shaped coins.

  2. 3

    Rubye said,

    That was not the reply I was thinking of:'(

  3. 4

    John said,

    I should have bought a dozen of them when they were released as the 2013 $5 triangular silver coin is now selling at over $500 at the moment. They seem to be quickly increasing in value so are probably still a good investment at $500

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