Cry Me A River, Rich Poor Man



It’s that time of the year in Australia where the Federal Government announces their Annual Budget. It is Treasurer, Wayne Swan’s sixth annual budget since the Labor Government was first elected to power in 2007 when the swept Howard’s Liberal Government out of Office.

It is also the time where people around the nation watch to see how will be financially affected by the budget which is fair enough. Nobody wants to be shafted by the Government but what about those who cry poor merely because they can’t afford to pay for holidays, a new car, private school fees and such?

There has been this bawling by those earning a nice sum of money who are crying poor lately. Many of these people are earning between $150,000 to $250,000 per year. They are not of the rich class but they are definitely far from the struggling classes. They choose a large mortgage, to go on expensive holidays, buy nice new cars, send their offspring to private schools and pay out for private health insurance. Amongst the line of other luxuries.

These people had a bloody life under the Howard Government but they received a lot of welfare. When the Baby Bonus was brought in, these people were given a higher hand out payment to pay for the needs of their babies than those on low incomes. At least a thousand dollars extra. Even worse, was the directive to charities to give more charitable assistance to those on higher incomes.

Ahem…if you are on this amount of money and you cannot afford to pay for food, isn’t it time you reassessed your priorities?

There once was a time I that always remained politely quiet and just nodded my head while feeling like giving them a patronising pat on the back while saying, “There there, there there…”, followed by a slap across the back of the head and a boot up their bums. Not any more. No, nowadays I suggest they reassess their finances and see what they can cut out such as the non-essentials including holidays. I even suggest they move to an area that is more affordable for them while feeling comfortable.

If you drive around the towns of the comfortable and the poor, look at the difference in quality of the roads you drive on and the children’s playgrounds. Look at the difference in funding of Government schools. One Government High School in the south western suburbs of Sydney has no working computers. There is no funding allocated to service their computers while schools in wealthier postcodes has taxpayer funded computer technicians on call. Yet they decry their poor financial circumstances.

Yet here in Australia, the cry me a river middle classes keep getting financial breaks while the lower classes keep receiving kicks in ribs. Easier to beat up a person when they’re down on the ground. They can’t defend themselves as hundreds if not feet are putting the boot into them.

Since this Labor Government, the so called political party being the protector of the struggle classes cut back how much money is paid to a single parent who is not working, many are now finding that they no longer have a home once it’s time to renew their housing contract. After struggling to find money to pay rent and other bills on the lower amount, many landlords have opted to no longer rent out their home to them because they fear the single parent can no longer afford it. Now they’re homeless young families living in other peoples houses, in tents, in cars or worse, on the street. I know of cases where mothers have returned to live with their abusive ex-partner because a beating is better than having their kids eating out of garbage bins. You have to love the mob who cry to protect the marginalised, don’t you?

Rachel Hills has it right with her opinion piece on the so called, ‘privileged poor’;

Part of the problem lies in our changing definition of what it means to be struggling – and equally, of what it means to be economically “comfortable” or middle-class. In our grandparents’ generation, being comfortable meant knowing you would have enough money to eat and pay your bills, and usually enough to save and do some fun things on the side. Now, it seems to mean having enough money to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and never saying no to anything… and still having enough left over to put together a nest egg. Being comfortable, if you will, has become the personal finance equivalent of “having it all.”

The rise of the privileged poor isn’t just a function of greed and misplaced self-pity. It is also a product of social expectation. Dishing out $60 for a dinner with friends, $200 for a buck’s weekend away, $50 for a baby shower, and $25 for a Kickstarter campaign isn’t just a matter of keeping up with the Joneses – it’s a matter of not offending them.

The result is a false dichotomy: either you are “poor” and poised on the edge of bankruptcy, or you are “comfortable” and you never have to think about money at all. But being middle-class doesn’t mean never needing to make a choice about what you spend your money on. It means having the wiggle room to choose in the first place.


If your claim to poverty is that you cannot afford to upgrade your every year or two, go on fabulous holidays, put your hovered over kids with an activity a day or such, then I know people you can live with. You can watch them struggle to budget.

I know a couple who have children with special needs who have been forced to struggle under this Labor Government who took away financial assistance to help with expensive medical bills for health issues caused by their medical conditions.

Or those people who work hard but struggle to buy the simplest of essentials after they budgeted for their bills? Not to forget those whose employment is so little that they rely on welfare payments to prop up their wages so they aren’t on the street? We have thousands of them in Australia.

Such people can live with my mob where no employer will employ me for my medical conditions. My wife is on the carer’s pension and she either has to work short hours or long full time hours. Anything in between would financially ruin us and likely to put us on the street. I have stayed home refusing my wife’s want to ring for the Paramedics as my neurology mucks up, leaving me with issues like struggling to swallow, to walk, to talk or even struggling to breathe all because I knew that the public health system has no funding for people like unless I flash private health insurance cover at them. All to please the selfish who think they’re doing it hard.

Or even better, we could send this selfish mugs off to a lovely caste ridden nation like India where the poor are living on dirt floors and slowly dying of illnesses caused by malnutrition and no access to good health services.

Until you have had to choose between food, rent and clothing because you can’t afford it, you have absolutely moral right to cry poor. Pull your head in and quietly fuck off.

I have lost my patience with such selfish people who don’t care if people are dying for poverty if it means they get to buy a new car and shit. Sadly, the Liberal Party under Tony Abbott is encouraging these very people to cry poor. He’s telling them they’re poor while he encourages the poor to hate everybody on the basis of race and religion.

Labor or Liberal at the September election? It feels like we’re being told to choose from one of the two glasses filled with acid and forced to drink it.


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  1. 1

    Roxy Randall said,

    I am a single parent, I to are effected by the January 1 cutbacks.
    I get it isn’t fair and I also understand thousands are now struggling.
    Honestly Liberals will not re instate PPS, the baby bonus nor will they give a hefty raise to Newstart. They are rubbishing Labors actions but they are exactly the same.
    Liberal are totally for the rich, I am thinking it is best to stick with Labor and things surely will get better.
    Labor are for the true Australians not the over paid over committed rich!!

    • 2

      awombatsweb said,

      I view them of the same evil. They are both poisonous to touch. Sadly, there is nobody else to choose from. The new political parties on the Right are all bigoted religious nut jobs. The Greens Party are maniacs.

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