MYTHBUSTER – Australia’s Scary Crime Rates


If you listen to the media, one would be forgiven for the thoughts of crime being out of control in Australia and that it is dangerous to step outside. The media talks about crime as if people are kidnapped, raped, murdered and such every minute or two but what is the reality?

Australia is a nation of around 21 to 22 million people which isn’t much really. We a coastal living nation though with most us of living along the coastline. Not that there’s much to live on in inland country. After all, about two thirds of the place is desert/semi-desert. All those people squished in along the coastline should be butchering each other.

According the ‘Australian Institute of Criminology'(AIC), crime is rather low. For as the article from, NewsMail says;

NEARLY half of the 274 murder victims in Australia in 2011 were killed with a knife, figures from the Australian Institute of Criminology have revealed.

In its annual crime report, the AIC also found most people were killed in a dwelling, at 70% of all murders, and Australians were least likely to be killed on public transport.

Men remained the most common murder victims, with those aged 25 to 44 and 45 to 64 years of age most likely to be killed.

Of all the murders committed last year, 47% of murder weapons were knives, 24% were firearms, followed by 16% of “other weapons”, 11% of weapons not defined and 2% using a bar, bat or club.

Since a peak of 344 murder victims in 1999, the number of murders in Australia has continued to decline, down to 244 victims in 2011.

For assaults, 65% of all assaults were committed by family members of other people known to the victim, with 29% committed by a stranger and 6% recorded as “relationship not known”.

The figures also revealed the vast majority of 17,238 victims of sexual assaults were females aged between 10 and 24 years old.

Most sexual assaults, at 60%, were committed in a private dwelling, and between 4% and 8% at a range of other locations including retail environments, on the streets, on transport or other community areas.

Victims of sexual assault largely knew their attackers, with 80% of sexual assaults committed by someone known to the victim, or by family members.

If you accept the the Australian population stands at twenty million people(we know that there it’s higher), then the 274 murder victims of a population of 20 million people equates to 0.00137% of the population. Since the population is higher, then the figure of 0.00137 is higher than the actual percentage of murder victims in Australia. While the rate is 274 too many, it’s a far cry from the crime spree the media and politicians prefer to have us believe for it makes the people scared which places the power over our freedoms in their hands.

The Stats are often opposite to the bullshit stories we are told. Once we withdraw from the media and political hype, the World for the West in nations like Australia is very safe. So stop worrying, Australia. You’re safe. Go outside. Go out somewhere. Let you kids free.


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