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Invisible Things Are Ridiculous, Says Man Who Lives His Life According To Invisible Thing

Good entertaining news satire.

The Shovel

tony abbott satire

A Sydney man who believes an invisible spiritual being created the earth, impregnated a woman and devised intricate views on what constitutes a family, says the Emissions Trading Scheme is flawed because carbon emissions are not visible to the human eye. 

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Malala – Her Message on Education for the World


Malala Yousafzai

Shot in the head by the Taliban to shut her up on education, the female gender and every other issue raised, Malala Yousafzai spoke at the United Nations to call not for hate nor war against “terrorists” but to push education to be given for every child regardless of gender around the world.

Watching the video, one gets a sense of just how strong willed and highly ambitious Malala Yousafzai is. Such drive will see her reaching the dazzling heights of international politics to push what she believes in.

One of the many things I admire about Malala is that after her friends and herself were shot by the Taliban, she did not allow herself to be bullied into silence and she didn’t take up the offer of moving to nations such as America for the safety of herself and her family. Instead, Malala is standing firm with her feet firmly on the soil on which she belongs too where she can continue her fight for what she believes is the right fight to take on.

I believe that there are many politicians in countries like Australia, America and the UK who have a lot to learn from Malala Yousafzai who is pushing for every child have access to free education for education is power. Empowerment is power. Those who seek to remove such empowerment have something personal to gain and human rights are never attached. Sadly, the three nations mentioned have not been kind to education for any child but those who were born into wealth.

Go fight, Malala!


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Could Less Seats Improve Train Service?


Sydney City Rail Train


Somebody somewhere has little idea on how to service train travelers for New South Wales(NSW). Minister for State Transport, Gladys Berejiklian.MP is pushing the idea of removing 16 seats from a carriage on the North Shore line, somehow thinking that squishing people into a train standing up makes for better service.

One person tells me that this idea has been hanging around for about a decade. It seems to me that there are people who never ride trains and are obviously fit and healthy people are suggesting such ideas.

Should this become the norm, 16 less seats per car. Each train has either 4, 6 or 8 cars. Should this create 80 standing spaces per car, that is a bit extra but what if you cannot stand?

I personally have to sit as I have Movement Disorders. If there comes a day where trains become standing room, I will not be riding the train and I will not be able to travel far at all. I doubt these intellectuals have even considered how such a decision could affect the disabled, the aged and pregnant women.

If such people believe that people give up seat for people who really need it, then such people really have no idea how people behave. Even back in the mid 80’s when I was constantly on/off crutches, I often had to take the 60 minute each way ride with both legs wrapped in bandages as I gripped on for dear life to the pole in the train and my crutches for if I fell, nobody would have helped me. I would have been stepped over.

If the NSW Government really wants to test this out, they should test it out on train lines that have a higher reliance on train commutering such as the Western and South Western lines where the trains fill up.

They need to go back to the drawing board.

THE chances of getting a seat on peak-hour trains have become slimmer for north shore commuters because of a State Government trial.


Aimed to increase capacity and speed up boarding and alighting, 16 seats have been removed in two carriages of one Tangara train.

The reconfiguration will mean the three-seater seat is replaced by benches or two-seaters.


Transport for NSW said the reconfigured carriages would increase capacity by up to 80 people, or about 15 per cent for the two carriages.


State Transport Minister and Willoughby MP Gladys Berejiklian said customer feedback would be monitored during and after the trial on the western and north shore lines.


“The middle seat of the three-person seat is often left empty, so we want to see if this is a better use of that space,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“We are thinking outside the box to improve customer journeys, and we’ll watch this innovative trial of one train with interest before making a decision to expand it further.”


Ms Berejiklian said past trials had shown commuters stayed near train doors because of fears they would miss their stop.


The north shore line trial is aimed to make it easier for commuters to move all the way along a carriage.


The reconfigured Tangara train will run for six weeks from early July.



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Identity Crisis: Changing Legal Documents No Easy Task for Transgender Individuals

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Legoland Declares All Adults as Pedophiles


Once again the smear of pedophilia has been thrown around. They didn’t use the ‘P’ word but to refuse all adults who do not have a child with them for the reason of ‘child protection’ is just as powerful as pointing the accusation finger.

A 63-year-old man who travelled from Windsor, Ont. to Toronto to fulfil a lifelong dream of visiting a Legoland Discovery Centre, feels discriminated against and embarrassed after being turned away because he didn’t have a child with him.

John St-Onge has been a self-described “Lego fanatic” ever since his children were young and he first began buying them sets, ranging from miniature cities and farmscapes to models of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon.

Once his kids grew older and found other interests, John stuck with Lego, breaking down and rebuilding their sets, and buying new ones to add to his own collection. He now has around 75 sets, comprising about 50,000 pieces of Lego.


“It’s a Lego house,” he joked in an interview with, explaining that he spends his winters indoors due to health problems, and keeps busy working on Lego projects. John has diabetes, cancer and recently had heart surgery.

His dream has always been to visit the flagship Legoland location in Denmark, but due to his health problems, that has become unrealistic.

As a result, John was excited when he picked up a flyer for the Vaughan Mills Legoland Discovery Centre at an Ontario tourism centre, and learned that there was a location much closer to home.

John and his daughter, Nicole St-Onge, saved up, planned the trip and made the three-hour drive, only to be turned away at the door because of a rule, unbeknownst to them, that adults must be accompanied by a child in order to get in.


[furthering onto end of article…]


However, she defended the policy that requires adults to be accompanied by children, saying “it is a child attraction so we do have this in place to protect the families and children that visit.”

Hannaford pointed out that Legoland does have adults-only nights once a month, for grown-up fans of the iconic building blocks. She also said the rules are posted at the location, and are in fact on the flyer as well.

Without fault, I emailed them to offer my full support but as to supporting the ban on men. Using my real name as one should do.;
Hi, I just want to share with you my full support to ban men from attending Legoland without a child brought with them. I would prefer men to be banned completely because this leaves men to bring along a child they may have kidnapped only to be raped and have his or her flesh torn off the poor kid’s bones.

As a male, I vouch for the fact that when we see a child, we can’t but crave to rape, kill and munch of the blighter’s bones. It must be the hunter in us to have to kill everything.

Trust us, we men are ravenous beasts. I even made out with a street sign because it has a picture of kids trying to cross the road. If only those steel things were edible.

I’m starving just thinking of it.

You too can share your view if you like be clicking HERE!
In the interest of child protection, I suggest that we either kill every child once they reach signs of puberty for males and 18 for females. Once science kicks in, only girls will be created. Otherwise, if murdering all adults is not feasible, then I suggest going to the second option of just banning all adults from living on the same continent where children breathe. Maybe islands designated for children only. True Lord of the Flies style.

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In Support of Equality – LGBT


In the news a lot lately in Australia has been the issue of marriage equality for members of the LGBT communities. Well, longer than just lately but for months. Also in the news lately in New South Wales is the matter of private schools being exempt rrom the Discrimination Act so they can expel students for being anything but heterosexual due to ‘religious’ beliefs.

I am sick of people using religion to push acts of bigotry. It makes them a special class of people who are above the law which is wrong.

This blog is motivated by a news article I came across today regarding the Australian Labor Party and how voters are reacting to them. Published on Wed Jun 23, 2010, Barry O’Farrell was still the Leader of the Opposition, trying to get himself elected as the Premier of New South Wales.

The fundamentalists Christian groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby(ACL) love to see themselves as the voice of Christians when in reality, they aren’t. They just claim to be. Just as many lobby groups claim to be the true representatives of the group they claim to represent. These groups carry on about Christians demanding a bigoted line against anybody they disagree with or lose the Christian vote.

I believe this to be utter bullshit because in the lead up to the NSW State Election, Barry O’Farrell was seen at a gay sauna and nobody cared. The Liberal/National Coalition led by Barry O’Farrell was elected with a large majority despite pushing their Christian ideals and despite their leader seen at a gay sauna.

So with voters being so uninterested and not offended, why are our politicians so scared of this so called ‘Christian block’ at elections?


“Apart from Barry O’Farrell being found by Channel Seven in a gay sauna, the only major event which could save the New South Wales ALP from the drubbing it seems to electors to deserve…”


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Australian Conservatives Keeping Lowering The Bar

ImageOnce again I write about this continuous string of political campaign based on hate. Why bother having a good open discussion on policy with the voting public when you can fire up peoples emotions so they are too busy hating each other to notice that they’re being screwed by politicians?

Now that Kevin Rudd has been returned as their Parliamentary Leader and as Prime Minister, Australia’s first Muslim has been appointed to the Cabinet as ‘Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister’, there has been a volley of malice fired at this man and all Muslims. Not just as terrorists but as pedophiles.

My view is that if this was just about the Koran, ‘Taxed Enuff Already’ on Twitter would have just shown a photo of the Koran but no, they showed a photo of Ed Husic which I view as slanderous. Were this done to me, I would be on the phone to my Solicitor to have this removed and possibly to take legal action.

Now that Kevin Rudd is back, polling is showing that Labor can win the election and see the end of Tony Abbott. I hope so because the Opposition has done nothing but thrown a tirade of abuse at just about every group of people out there. Such campaigns should never be tolerated in positions of power and authority.


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Reading Before Voting is Gay

Conservative Costa Rican MPS may have unwittingly approved language making same-sex unions legal.
They say that you should always read the contract before you sign. Well, it seems the same goes with reading before you vote.
You see, Conservative politicians controlling the Congress did not completely read what they were voting on and accidently voted same sex civil unions into law. Now they are upset and threatening legal action about bad law. Well, they voted for it.

“Conservative Costa Rican MPs are mortified that they may have accidentally approved language making same-sex unions legal when they passed a piece of legislation this week.

“President Laura Chinchilla on late Thursday signed the bill governing social services and marriage regulations for young people.

The mostly conservative members of Congress didn’t notice that the final version of the bill had changed earlier language that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

“After realising they had approved a bill that “confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination,” the MPs asked Chinchilla to veto the new law. She has refused.

“Conservative MPs say they’ll launch a legal challenge to the new law which they say goes against family values.”


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Parents who regret vaccine refusal

Just because the ‘educated’ are falling for it, does not mean they are right. I do not support the right to not vaccinate on any basis but that for medical reasons where there is medical concern due to medical knowledge of the patient and the patient’s family.


Hi Reader!

As you and I both know, there is generally no way to dislodge a rabid anti-vaxxer from their idiotic position by the application of reason. They are science-proof, after all. However, anti-vaxxers seem to have a particular penchant for being swayed by emotional appeals. Therefore, today I am going to try and take a page out of the anti-vax playbook. I am going to present a few stories of parents who refused vaccinations and who now regret it.

I feel compelled to mention here that decision-making is its own field of study, and one in which I am not an expert. However, it appears from the literature that emotion is a very powerful driver in making decisions, and something called “regret anticipation” might be the strongest contributor to decision-making of all. For an overview of emotion and decision-making, you may want to check out a paper by Mellers et al…

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