Parents who regret vaccine refusal

Just because the ‘educated’ are falling for it, does not mean they are right. I do not support the right to not vaccinate on any basis but that for medical reasons where there is medical concern due to medical knowledge of the patient and the patient’s family.


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As you and I both know, there is generally no way to dislodge a rabid anti-vaxxer from their idiotic position by the application of reason. They are science-proof, after all. However, anti-vaxxers seem to have a particular penchant for being swayed by emotional appeals. Therefore, today I am going to try and take a page out of the anti-vax playbook. I am going to present a few stories of parents who refused vaccinations and who now regret it.

I feel compelled to mention here that decision-making is its own field of study, and one in which I am not an expert. However, it appears from the literature that emotion is a very powerful driver in making decisions, and something called “regret anticipation” might be the strongest contributor to decision-making of all. For an overview of emotion and decision-making, you may want to check out a paper by Mellers et al…

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