Reading Before Voting is Gay

Conservative Costa Rican MPS may have unwittingly approved language making same-sex unions legal.
They say that you should always read the contract before you sign. Well, it seems the same goes with reading before you vote.
You see, Conservative politicians controlling the Congress did not completely read what they were voting on and accidently voted same sex civil unions into law. Now they are upset and threatening legal action about bad law. Well, they voted for it.

“Conservative Costa Rican MPs are mortified that they may have accidentally approved language making same-sex unions legal when they passed a piece of legislation this week.

“President Laura Chinchilla on late Thursday signed the bill governing social services and marriage regulations for young people.

The mostly conservative members of Congress didn’t notice that the final version of the bill had changed earlier language that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

“After realising they had approved a bill that “confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination,” the MPs asked Chinchilla to veto the new law. She has refused.

“Conservative MPs say they’ll launch a legal challenge to the new law which they say goes against family values.”


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    HA HA.
    Too bad the watermelons didn`t do this to Mr-Rabbit. 🙂

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