Australian Conservatives Keeping Lowering The Bar

ImageOnce again I write about this continuous string of political campaign based on hate. Why bother having a good open discussion on policy with the voting public when you can fire up peoples emotions so they are too busy hating each other to notice that they’re being screwed by politicians?

Now that Kevin Rudd has been returned as their Parliamentary Leader and as Prime Minister, Australia’s first Muslim has been appointed to the Cabinet as ‘Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister’, there has been a volley of malice fired at this man and all Muslims. Not just as terrorists but as pedophiles.

My view is that if this was just about the Koran, ‘Taxed Enuff Already’ on Twitter would have just shown a photo of the Koran but no, they showed a photo of Ed Husic which I view as slanderous. Were this done to me, I would be on the phone to my Solicitor to have this removed and possibly to take legal action.

Now that Kevin Rudd is back, polling is showing that Labor can win the election and see the end of Tony Abbott. I hope so because the Opposition has done nothing but thrown a tirade of abuse at just about every group of people out there. Such campaigns should never be tolerated in positions of power and authority.


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