In Support of Equality – LGBT


In the news a lot lately in Australia has been the issue of marriage equality for members of the LGBT communities. Well, longer than just lately but for months. Also in the news lately in New South Wales is the matter of private schools being exempt rrom the Discrimination Act so they can expel students for being anything but heterosexual due to ‘religious’ beliefs.

I am sick of people using religion to push acts of bigotry. It makes them a special class of people who are above the law which is wrong.

This blog is motivated by a news article I came across today regarding the Australian Labor Party and how voters are reacting to them. Published on Wed Jun 23, 2010, Barry O’Farrell was still the Leader of the Opposition, trying to get himself elected as the Premier of New South Wales.

The fundamentalists Christian groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby(ACL) love to see themselves as the voice of Christians when in reality, they aren’t. They just claim to be. Just as many lobby groups claim to be the true representatives of the group they claim to represent. These groups carry on about Christians demanding a bigoted line against anybody they disagree with or lose the Christian vote.

I believe this to be utter bullshit because in the lead up to the NSW State Election, Barry O’Farrell was seen at a gay sauna and nobody cared. The Liberal/National Coalition led by Barry O’Farrell was elected with a large majority despite pushing their Christian ideals and despite their leader seen at a gay sauna.

So with voters being so uninterested and not offended, why are our politicians so scared of this so called ‘Christian block’ at elections?


“Apart from Barry O’Farrell being found by Channel Seven in a gay sauna, the only major event which could save the New South Wales ALP from the drubbing it seems to electors to deserve…”


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