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Dementor Attack – Halloween 2013

We have a very basic set up for Halloween tonight. This is one of the first things seen. A Dementor from Happy Potter. First visitor responded with a scream.

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Insane Anti Graffiti – Chalking Laws


NSW Police – Serious Chalking Crime Investigation

Here in Australia, we must be traveling well when it comes to matters of crime. We keep hearing about Police being understaffed in the number of Beat Police but with the laws being introduced by one conservative Government after another that gives Police the lawful power to control the most little and craziest of things, Australia must be doing well.

In Queensland, their conservative State Government has created laws where politicians and/or the Police Commissioner can just list any group as being criminal organisations without a single argument offered in the Court system. The laws are so loosely written that even Police Officers in their uniform sharing the same markings can be listed as criminals.

Many people fear this law will be turned against political opponents of the State Government who has already written an Industrial Law which effectively muzzles them. Now there are reports of this Liberal National Party(LNP), some of their members and/or supporters that the activists against CSG and fracking should be listed as criminal organisations.


Hopscotch chalked on bitumen

Now we have in the State of New South Wales(NSW), the Liberal National Government under the helm of, Premier Barry O’Farrell who has moved to see laws against graffiti written so loosely that a child will be committing a criminal offense for merely using chalk on the footpath. If you are like me and rent your home, they cannot use chalk on any concrete, bitumen, etc on the property or even the driveway.

The State Government’s Attorney-General has assured that while this is a reality, Police will have the discretion to decide for themselves. The problem I have with this, is that Police will have another little non-matter to have people criminally punished when they can’t get them on anything serious. Or worse, as an act of revenge or power tripping.

This law, so loosely written that I hope people challenge having their City Council charged under these laws for graffiti under the new Chalk Law where a Parking Inspector marks the tyres of their car.

Our politicians are power hungry. We are watching megalomaniacs taking control of every facet of our lives by making all of us criminals. Even children whose childhood has quickly become a criminal activity.

Young hopscotch aficionados could become unwitting criminals under proposed new anti-graffiti laws in New South Wales.

The legislation, which has been introduced to the NSW Parliament, makes it an offence to intentionally mark any premises or other property without the permission of the owner.

Greens MP David Shoebridge says there is no requirement in the legislation for a mark to be permanent or difficult to remove.

He says that means it will technically outlaw things like chalk hopscotch squares or handball courts drawn on footpaths or bitumen.

“Unless the kids get the consent of the local council they’re committing an offence,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“This Government is going to be putting on the statute books laws that make it an offence not just for kids to chalk a hopscotch court on the footpath, but for Mr Stace to have chalked ‘Eternity’, or for a street artist to put a rainbow crossing on the road.

“This will now all become criminal activity. If children get caught by police they’ll be facing a $440 fine. Now that’s just nonsense.”

Attorney-General Greg Smith has downplayed the impact of the new legislation while apparently acknowledging that drawing in chalk will technically be an offence.

He says police always have discretion about whether to lay charges and he considers it unlikely they would charge children for chalking up hopscotch squares.

Facebook Protest page:

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My Politics. It’s just a jump to the Left.

When got myself involved in politics in the early 90’s, I was staunchly Conservative. Twenty years later, I have watched Australia’s conservative politics destroy everything and anything in their way.

Sell it all. Private profits first and last. Who cares if people without money cannot afford essential services? – Oh look, look at how Christian we are. We love Jesus and all he spoke about.

All my shifting to the Left started about three years ago.

Three years ago because I watched the Australian Liberal Party and National Party become an embodiment of evil. The Tea Party was set up in Australia. They took over and now everything is about money and hatred.

They hate the poor. They hate the disabled. They hate non-Christians. They hate non-heterosexuals. They hate you if you are not wealthy.

Now they are about to fully privatise every service for people who are disabled. Only wealthy people will have access to viable disability services.

The recently elected Abbott Government campaigned on hate. They called the female Prime Minister a bitch, a witch, and they got up and politicised her father within a week of her father’s death.

Now that they inflamed the divisions of race and religion, Australia has seen a sudden burst of violence in public. People being verbally abused on buses and trains. Even a white skinned French woman was racially abused and told to go home. That bus receiving a smashed window in the process.

Most recently, we have had an act of physical violence against people for being Jewish.

What has happened to Australia? I am deeply ashamed. It makes me sad.

I have now moved over the Left but not a supporter of any ideology. They’re just as hate ridden as the Christian Right.

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The Abbott’s Arrogance With Media and the People


Hon. Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration

Australia has quickly become a nation of secrets since the election of the Abbott Government. Media keep finding themselves being barred from asking about issues regarding asylum seekers including matters of importance such as ‘self harm’.

All Government Departments have been banned from using the term ‘asylum seekers’ and must use terms that reflect asylum seekers as criminals. The media and the people of Australia are not even allowed to know what nationality the asylum seekers are. The whole thing has become a military operation with a 3 Star General appointed to run the program to deal with asylum seekers.

Journalist, Laurie Oaks is a well respect journalist across Australia. He is an admitted supporter of the Australian Labor Party but his journalism is always fair, willing to criticise the mob of his liking. That is a true journalist.

On another occasion, when the briefing included no mention of any asylum seeker vessels in distress during the preceding week, a journalist asked: “Can we assume from that there was no rescue?”

Morrison again showed his interest in keeping the public accurately informed with the reply: “You can make whatever assumptions that you like.”


THEN there was the day he was asked if there had been any suicides or self-harm among asylum seeker detainees since the Coalition took office.


“Those matters are within the typical reporting arrangements that come up to us through my own department and we’ll be reviewing those statistics and we’ll come back to you on those arrangements,” the minister said. That gobbledygook prompted this exchange:


Journalist: “Given these briefings only happen once a week, shouldn’t you know whether self-harm attempts have occurred?”

Morrison: “The presumption of your question is wrong.”

Journalist: “How?”

Morrison: “Well, you are presuming I don’t. Next.”


So he knew but wasn’t saying. A week later, detainees’ self-harm was added to the list of “operational matters” that can’t be discussed.


Morrison is a new minister enjoying the novelty of power a little too much. Abbott should have a word in his ear.


When will Australian voters wake up?

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Stop Pointing At Nazis and Commies.

I’m sick and tired of hearing the West pointing at the negatives of the Nazis and Commies. Yes, atrocities happened but do you know the difference between them our modern lot in our Western nations?

Those living in Nazi and Communist Regimes were mostly compelled by violence to commit inhumane actions, to join certain organisations such as Hitler Youth. Unlike here in the West where we can just quit. Yep, we can just resign from the job. We have the ability to stop what we are doing and stand together in mass and say that we won’t tolerate it any more without being run over by tanks.

Do we do that? Nope. We create reasons to not say no. We try to take the higher moral ground by arguing that should do the same as those we vilify and we ridicule and cast scorn on those who have the spine to stand up for what is right by referring to them as Communists and other labels all because they understand what humanity is about. We support treating whole groups of people in a way that we would scream blue murder were it done to us, our own skin colour, religious folk, sexuality, wealth status, etc.

That is the key difference. Who is of the biggest evil now?

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Movember 2013

Movember, a fundraiser for men’s health regarding Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Depression is about to start again. Movember runs for the entirety of November.

This year I will be participating for my second time to help raise money for these important causes. Please help me raise money by clicking on the following link to my page to donate directly online to Movember.



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Abbott Government uses Wikipedia, not scientists


Hon. Greg Hunt – Minister for the Environment


Just when you thought that the recently elected Abbott led conservative Government could not get more embarrassing, the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Greg Hunt has admitted to using Wikipedia to research bushfires and global warming and its relationship.

Now, I am personally skeptical of the argument that no global warming equal no bushfires for Australia is a very dry place known for its bushfire, droughts and flooding. We should not blame every bit of weather on ‘Climate Change’ as many like too.

That said, here we have a Government that is removing much needed funding from medical and environmental sciences, who have also abolished the Ministerial Portfolio of Science that uses Wikipedia for their research relating to the environmental science of bushfire and climate change. Greg Hunt tries to argue that he went to Wikipedia to see what people think overseas believe but that is not how you determine the point of view of people around the world. That is not the role of Wikipedia.

It seems that the Government, led by their Scholar, Prime Minister Abbott need to learn, understand and accept that Universities do not accept Wikipedia as a research tool for a very good reason. It is not reliable.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has hosed down suggestions of a link between climate change and increased bushfire intensity, saying he had ”looked up what Wikipedia” said and it was clear that bushfires in Australia were frequent events that had occurred during hotter months since before European settlement.

We in Australia are doomed to a miserable existence while this mob are in control.

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The Holy Sacrifice

The Holy Sacrifice

Presenting the Holy Sacrifice.

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Movies: Rocket Man and BeetleJuice 2

Beetlejuice – The Sequel


When Beetlejuice was released, I kept going back to my local cinema to watch Beetlejuice. I reckon I watched it the cinema at least six times. Mostly always alone but that was how I wanted it. I just wanted to watch the movie. I loved it that much.

Now they are going to make the sequel all these years later and I personally do not agree at the moment. I don’t agree because to make a sequel over twenty years later is a big break in continuance of the story line. And I like the movie as a stand alone. I do not believe that it needs a sequel.

This is just making money. Maybe a remake and if successful, a sequel from the remake. Maybe.

Link(The Hollywood Reporter):




I have been a fan of Elton John since I first listened to him when I was twelve years old. Elton has been my favourite music artist since. I don’t own many of his albums but one day I would like too. And I have attended three of his concerts which is nowhere near enough to attend. If I had the money, I would have flown overseas to watch is Red Piano Tour which did not come to Australia.

Good news for Elton John fans is that they are going to make a biographical movie about Elton John called, Rocketman.

As Deadline reported in June when FilmDistrict paid $10 million to acquire U.S. rights to the Elton John film Rocketman, Tom Hardy has been set to play Captain Fantastic himself in the Michael Gracey-directed biographical musical film. The script is by Billy Elliot‘s Lee Hall. Gracey’s directing Fox’s upcoming The Greatest Showman On Earth starring Hugh Jackman, and Disney’s The Muppet Man. FilmDistrict bought it when the film was the talk of Cannes, where it was shopped by UTA, the agency that structured the financing. It was there that UK-based Icon’s production arm AI Film agreed to come aboard to co-finance the film with Rocket Pictures.




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