Prime Minister Tony Abbott endorses genocide. Dissenters not welcome in Australia.


I am literally shocked. I am feeling angry, upset, dismayed, furious, ashamed to be Australian, etc today as the Australian Prime Minister tells the World that Australia endorses the tactics used by Indonesia in West Papua and that those we protest are not welcome in Australia.

When I was a student in the Queensland University of Technology(QUT) in Brisbane, one of my sociology courses that studied Human Rights saw us having to watch stories of how Indonesian Authorities treat people who they do not like. Behaviour including taking a young baby from its mother who was held still at gunpoint and made to watch her little baby have boiling water poured over it, then watch poor bubs die a slow painful death. Following forcing the village to leave the baby out on the ground for hours on end.

We saw actual footage of violence committed and this is what the Australian Prime Minister is endorsing, declaring terrorism. Tony Abbott is right. It is terrorism but people like Tony Abbott are the terrorists.

It’s been 12 years since I watched that footage and I still occasionally see the violence play out in my head.

Here we have a Government who declares to be of staunch Christian moral values. They announced while Opposition that they will abolish the laws covering discrimination. To endorse genocide, torture and other activities, to declare that those opposed are not welcome in Australia and to promise to abolish anti discrimination laws has me frightened as to what this mob has got in place for Australia.

People like Prime Minister Tony Abbott and those in his team including, Scott Morrison have demonstrated to me that they would have been impressive members of the Hitler Youth organisation going from their amoral behaviour.

Tony Abbott has called for only people of Christian values to be allowed in Australia. Scott Morrison has called for all asylum seekers to be publicly registered like sex criminals. Cori Bernardi compares homosexuality to that of raping an animal. These people are evil and yet they are so popular in Australia.

I am ashamed to be Australian. What has happened to this beautiful nation. I think I want to remove and renounce my citizenship.

TONY Abbott says activists who want to “grandstand” against Indonesia are not welcome in Australia.

The Prime Minister today reiterated his support for Indonesia’s sovereignty over West Papua while insisting three activists who breached the walls of the Australian consulate in Bali left the compound voluntarily.

The three men – Rofinus Yanggam, Markus Jerewon, and Yuvensius Goo – climbed the walls of the consulate in the early hours of yesterday morning to highlight claims of abuse and ill-treatment of West Papuans in the restive Indonesian province.

The men, who hoped to gain the attention of world leaders in Bali for the APEC summit, left the compound before 7am but it has since been alleged they were threatened with arrest by Australian Consul-General Brett Farmer.

Mr Abbott today insisted the activists left of their own accord after a “lengthy discussion” and warned Australia would not be party to protests aimed at undermining Indonesia’s authority over West Papua.

“We have a very strong relationship with Indonesia and we are not going to give people a platform to grandstand against Indonesia,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the APEC summit.

“And people seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don’t look to do it in Australia. You are not welcome.”

Mr Yanggam claimed consular officials threatened to call the Indonesian military unless the trio of protesters left.

“We don’t accept you to stay here. If you stay here for five minutes, I will call the Indonesian army to come and take you out”, Mr Yanggam quoted Australian officials as saying.


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