The Abbott’s Arrogance With Media and the People


Hon. Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration

Australia has quickly become a nation of secrets since the election of the Abbott Government. Media keep finding themselves being barred from asking about issues regarding asylum seekers including matters of importance such as ‘self harm’.

All Government Departments have been banned from using the term ‘asylum seekers’ and must use terms that reflect asylum seekers as criminals. The media and the people of Australia are not even allowed to know what nationality the asylum seekers are. The whole thing has become a military operation with a 3 Star General appointed to run the program to deal with asylum seekers.

Journalist, Laurie Oaks is a well respect journalist across Australia. He is an admitted supporter of the Australian Labor Party but his journalism is always fair, willing to criticise the mob of his liking. That is a true journalist.

On another occasion, when the briefing included no mention of any asylum seeker vessels in distress during the preceding week, a journalist asked: “Can we assume from that there was no rescue?”

Morrison again showed his interest in keeping the public accurately informed with the reply: “You can make whatever assumptions that you like.”


THEN there was the day he was asked if there had been any suicides or self-harm among asylum seeker detainees since the Coalition took office.


“Those matters are within the typical reporting arrangements that come up to us through my own department and we’ll be reviewing those statistics and we’ll come back to you on those arrangements,” the minister said. That gobbledygook prompted this exchange:


Journalist: “Given these briefings only happen once a week, shouldn’t you know whether self-harm attempts have occurred?”

Morrison: “The presumption of your question is wrong.”

Journalist: “How?”

Morrison: “Well, you are presuming I don’t. Next.”


So he knew but wasn’t saying. A week later, detainees’ self-harm was added to the list of “operational matters” that can’t be discussed.


Morrison is a new minister enjoying the novelty of power a little too much. Abbott should have a word in his ear.


When will Australian voters wake up?

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