My Politics. It’s just a jump to the Left.

When got myself involved in politics in the early 90’s, I was staunchly Conservative. Twenty years later, I have watched Australia’s conservative politics destroy everything and anything in their way.

Sell it all. Private profits first and last. Who cares if people without money cannot afford essential services? – Oh look, look at how Christian we are. We love Jesus and all he spoke about.

All my shifting to the Left started about three years ago.

Three years ago because I watched the Australian Liberal Party and National Party become an embodiment of evil. The Tea Party was set up in Australia. They took over and now everything is about money and hatred.

They hate the poor. They hate the disabled. They hate non-Christians. They hate non-heterosexuals. They hate you if you are not wealthy.

Now they are about to fully privatise every service for people who are disabled. Only wealthy people will have access to viable disability services.

The recently elected Abbott Government campaigned on hate. They called the female Prime Minister a bitch, a witch, and they got up and politicised her father within a week of her father’s death.

Now that they inflamed the divisions of race and religion, Australia has seen a sudden burst of violence in public. People being verbally abused on buses and trains. Even a white skinned French woman was racially abused and told to go home. That bus receiving a smashed window in the process.

Most recently, we have had an act of physical violence against people for being Jewish.

What has happened to Australia? I am deeply ashamed. It makes me sad.

I have now moved over the Left but not a supporter of any ideology. They’re just as hate ridden as the Christian Right.

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