Outlawing Unionism in Australia?

Campbell Newman speaks  during question time in the Queensland Parliament.

Campbell Newman speaks during question time in the Queensland Parliament. Photo: Glenn Hunt

And so it begins, the journey of taking Australia to the World of fascism is alive and well. The State Government of Queensland has started the roll of our legislation which has given Queensland’s Attorney-General to list any persons or organisations as criminal organisations without a trial, no evidence, just the strike of the pen.
The Queensland Government has already effectively muzzled the union movement from speaking on behalf of their membership with Industrial Laws requiring referendums to speak on any issue. School committees in Queensland are now bound by a contract that forbids all dissent against the Government’s education policies.
And now, we have the Queensland State Government moving to make it illegal for union membership fees to be deducted from members wages. This is an attack on the existence of the union movement which should scare people with what the Liberal Party has in store for workers.
Federally, the Liberal Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seeking to make it illegal for unions to meet with their membership in the luncheon rooms for staff, along with laws that would restrict unions ability to even step on work sites. The Abbott Government is also denying his Ministers from speaking to the media nor to answer their questions.
Twenty years ago such actions have seen Australians angry and making their voices heard. Sadly, we have become a gutless nation where far too many people are either selfish, ignorant or just too scared to speak out.
It is hard to find a group which the Australian Liberal Party does not blacklist as evil and bad for Australia. Well, except for the very wealthy.

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