Campbell Newman and Hating BiPolar People

Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll.

Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll. Photo: Glenn Hunt

The Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman has been making a name of himself by demonising groups of people and keen to list them as criminals. People who oppose are the Devil.

Now it seems that Campbell Newman and his Conservative Government dominated by the Christian Right are also against people who have mental health issues such as BiPolar. That might explain the quick slashing of funding for the disabled and, Newman’s sudden outbursts against Scott Driscoll.

Why are the Christian Right so heartless, soulless and mean spirited?

Scott Driscoll has revealed he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The Redcliffe MP, who has only made sporadic parliamentary appearances after allegations were made against him in regards to his business and lobby group dealings in March, wrote to the premier and disclosed his illness on Monday through email.

Mr Driscoll said he was motivated by Campbell Newman’s response to Clive Palmer’s bipolar “slur”.


“Your quoted response when Bipolar disorder slurs were made in the context of political attacks included, “… insensitive comments show a total lack of empathy towards people who are actually dealing with the condition,” he wrote.

“Mr Premier, I could not agree more as one of the many Queenslanders who battle Bipolar daily and now implore you to follow your own advice and lead by example to improve and not worsen the prospects for sufferers.”

Mr Driscoll’s announcement did not alter Mr Newman’s view that the people of Redcliffe should have “proper representation in parliament”, however he did soften his words.

Mr Newman said his previous comments regarding Mr Driscoll, where he accused him of “gaming” the parliamentary absenteeism system and said he wanted him “out” of parliament, were made “with the knowledge that I had” at the time and he was “digesting” Mr Driscoll’s admission.

But he said his former LNP colleague had been given a “fair go”.

“He has been given every consideration and the record demonstrates that I gave him and the party team gave him, every consideration for many months and indeed, some commentators suggested we should have been much tougher, much earlier on,” Mr Newman said.

“I have said continually that everyone deserves a fair go and he was definitely given a fair go.”

Mr Driscoll said Mr Newman should have “picked up the telephone to enquire about my actual medical condition” as he would have “been more than willing to discuss it without you in a positive manner”.

Mr Driscoll has maintained his innocence in regards to all wrong doing.

But he said his “specialist psychiatrist” has recommended against his appearing in front of the parliamentary ethics committee, which is investigating Mr Driscoll’s interest register.

“… due to my condition, she has firmly instructed that I am obviously not in a position to provide evidence to the committee, which would otherwise potentially stand to defend and completely vindicate my position,” Mr Driscoll wrote.

Mr Newman said the ethics committee would make its own determination.

I personally hold no faith in the Queensland Government’s ‘Ethics Committee’ as the Independence has been removed and, the original Chair under Campbell Newman was quickly sacked for criticising the Premier.

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