Men Treating Women Badly


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Back in the year 2012, then Prime Minister Julia Gillard was being savagely attacked with her gender at the fore front of the abuse. Signs that called a ‘Bitch’, right wing talk back radio DJ’s encouraging hate including one saying that she would have been fed to the sharks. It was when Leader of the Opposition and now, Prime Minister. Tony Abbott used Parliament to attack the Prime Minister Gillard by dragging her deceased father just days after he died that Ms Gillard responded with a message that was played around the World. Only in Australia did her words fall on deaf ears and responses of anger towards her, including coming from other women.


Now in the year 2014, it appears at times that any progress in men and women being equals has being tossed aside as women appear to have become nothing but sex objects. For instance, my eldest child whilst at high school(aged 16) was told by a boy that she was a Nun because she wore a skirt that covers her legs.

ImageThe above photo is animated 3D art from Second Life which is used for games, online learning, social networking and more. I recently created an account and found it rather difficult to get conversations rolling with people but I did end up talking with a few women characters. I saw women characters for you never know if the gender behind the avatar is the same gender as the avatar.

One woman I was speaking with mentioned to me about how they are treated by men online so I created myself a female avatar and wow, was it an eye opening experience it was.

As a female avatar, I found myself starting and finishing my online journey where I know I will be alone or just with other female avatars when I next log in, purely because logging in with a female avatar leads to instant hitting up for sex, being abused for not wanting to have cyber sex with them, been told that my legs should be ripped apart so men could fuck me, etc. Then there was the matter of angry men for not accepting their friend requests which even lead to having to leave that area of the game so one bloke would stop following me around, followed by a block so I couldn’t receive his constant messages telling me to let him fuck me as I was a bitch or whore that deserved it.

So I spoke with women I know in real life about it and heard that not only is it rife online, they cop this behaviour in real life all the time.

So boys, I won’t call you men because you’re not behaving like a men, grow up and treat women respectfully. There is nothing wrong about being attracted to a person but it is wrong to belittle them to nothing but a sex object like you own, use and abuse the sex doll you bought online.


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