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Born Again Helicopter Parent

I’m a Born Again Helicopter Parent. That makes me better than the usual hoverers who are not doing enough to protect the children. We need to take the next several leaps up to protect our children so I’m lobbying that all babies have their limbs cut off at birth.

The arms so they can’t pick things up and put them in their mouths, etc. And legs so they can’t run around and fall over.

It’s best to be safe.

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Actress Ellen Page speech. No more closet.

I don’t really know the names and faces of most celebs as I don’t have that interest. Ellen Page is another who I do not know. I am sure that I have seen her in movies and most likely enjoyed her acting but like other celebs, I do not know her.

Speaking at a Human Rights conference, Ellen touches on the harm done to people by treating them less than for being homosexual. Amongst youth especially. Ellen also touches on the topic of the entertainment industry telling us how to live and dress and that it has also affected her. Look incredibly nervous, Ellen tells the audience that she is gay and that hiding who and what she is as a person has effected her emotionally and spiritually.

A shame that these matters have be pushed and hidden in this day and age. If only people could just be without all the silly labels.


Guardian Article – Actress Ellen Page comes out in speech to Human Rights Campaign event

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Charlene’s Bewitching Valentine’s 2014

Charlene is bewitched by someone on Youtube this Valentine’s Day.

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And Just Like That … They Grew Up

An excellent blog on the kids just growing up and walking to school without being dragged about by parents and other adults.

Vivienne's Process of Elimination

I love having friends that get me. Like My Pregnant Friend or Mistress of the Timpano or her preferred moniker, Awesome Sauce, which is by far the most appropriate.

She is completely awesome.


She’s preggers with her first baby and has come to me for advice.

Crazy, right? So I brought up the very important subject of naming children.

Me: Loony is already starting a pile for your baby girl. I assume you will be naming her something very feminine like Fallopia, Secretia, or Latrina. Labia is also quite lovely.

She didn’t miss a beat.

Awesome Sauce: Although I love your name suggestions, I am leaning more towards Sesquipedalian, Labyrinthine or maybe Murmurous. They are, you know, some of the most beautiful words in the English language – and we want her to be super sophisticated.  I wanted to name her Vagina, and call her Vag for short, but Ben…

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Illegalising Dissent in Australia

With wall to wall Liberal Party Governments being elected in such a short time, Austalians have quickly started to lose their rights and liberties.

In Queensland the Conservatives in power quickly struck by creating a law where the Attorney General can list groups, organisations, etc as being criminal organisations without a lick of evidence. No Court trials. No cause needed to be shown why. The laws are so tight if they a football organisation was listed, every member of the club would become criminals overnight and will go to prison and treated harsher than a murderer or rapist or child molester.

Now in the State of Victoria, the conservatives are about to make attending a rally a criminal offence. Despite the rally being legal, the Police can tell you to move on and fine you. You can even go to prison for up to two years for merely returning to the rally.

So here we are, Australia. A nation where our prisons can now be full of people for merely attending a protest. No wonder the conservative Prime Minister never said a thing at Remembrance Day and instead stood back having a yarn with his mates.

The Premier is introducing amendments to the Summary Offences Act to crack down on protests and remove the protection for Victorians’ right to peaceful assembly. 

Napthine’s Silencing Act: 

  • Removes protections for peaceful assembly
  • Up to two year imprisonment for persons returning to a banned protest or picket
  • Police and PSO discretion to ‘move on’ protests

We call on the Premier to reconsider the need for these amendments, given the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of Victoria’s protest movements.



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