And Just Like That … They Grew Up

An excellent blog on the kids just growing up and walking to school without being dragged about by parents and other adults.

Vivienne's Process of Elimination

I love having friends that get me. Like My Pregnant Friend or Mistress of the Timpano or her preferred moniker, Awesome Sauce, which is by far the most appropriate.

She is completely awesome.


She’s preggers with her first baby and has come to me for advice.

Crazy, right? So I brought up the very important subject of naming children.

Me: Loony is already starting a pile for your baby girl. I assume you will be naming her something very feminine like Fallopia, Secretia, or Latrina. Labia is also quite lovely.

She didn’t miss a beat.

Awesome Sauce: Although I love your name suggestions, I am leaning more towards Sesquipedalian, Labyrinthine or maybe Murmurous. They are, you know, some of the most beautiful words in the English language – and we want her to be super sophisticated.  I wanted to name her Vagina, and call her Vag for short, but Ben…

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