Young Cheyenne Needs Our Help Financially

ImageA friend of my family, people who never ask for help when they need it, are requesting our generosity by donating as well or as much as we can afford.

Young Cheyenne aged 14 months old has cerebral palsy and a rare medical condition called, 22Q11DUP. Cheyenne is the only person in the State of Queensland who has this condition and they need our help.

So please share the video and the link to the page to donate money to help with their travel and medical costs. I know these people as people who sell everything they own before they ask for help from anybody. They are charitable people to the core and need help from us.

DONATE to help Cheyenne


Cheyenne’s extensive list of medical problems includes Cerebral Palsy and a rare chromosome disorder.

The disorder, 22Q11DUP, is so uncommon Cheyenne is the only person in Queensland to suffer from it.

22Q11DUP affects Cheyenne’s development, hearing, sight, muscle tone and internal organs.

Because of the rareness of the condition, Michelle has been forced to take Cheyenne to Brisbane for treatment every two months for more than a year.

The emotional strain of her daughter’s condition, combined with the financial burden of treatment has been hard on the whole family.

“I’ve had two nervous breakdowns,” said Michelle.

“My husband has a lot of up and down moods.”

The last year has been a rollercoaster of emotion for Michelle and her family.

“It breaks my heart,” she said.

“If I could give her my health, I would.”


Once Cheyenne’s cochlea implant is fitted on March 14, she will require regular treatment in Brisbane until December.


The Morning Bulletin article


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