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The Youtube Documentary

There is a man on Youtube who owns a small handful of Youtube accounts who goes by the name of, Zac Moulton. A couple of years ago he offered subjects for people to give their opinion of for his Youtube documentary.

“Youtube – The Tubers’ Documentary” which runs for an hour(advert free), consists of some Youtube history mixed with points of view from many people who have video content on Youtube. I for a few reasons did not make anything for this but those that did have done a superb job of it.

I highly recommend you watch this one hour video for it is interesting and you will get to laugh. This could be sold at the shops quite easily.

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MYTHBUSTER – Australia’s Scary Crime Rates


If you listen to the media, one would be forgiven for the thoughts of crime being out of control in Australia and that it is dangerous to step outside. The media talks about crime as if people are kidnapped, raped, murdered and such every minute or two but what is the reality?

Australia is a nation of around 21 to 22 million people which isn’t much really. We a coastal living nation though with most us of living along the coastline. Not that there’s much to live on in inland country. After all, about two thirds of the place is desert/semi-desert. All those people squished in along the coastline should be butchering each other.

According the ‘Australian Institute of Criminology'(AIC), crime is rather low. For as the article from, NewsMail says;

NEARLY half of the 274 murder victims in Australia in 2011 were killed with a knife, figures from the Australian Institute of Criminology have revealed.

In its annual crime report, the AIC also found most people were killed in a dwelling, at 70% of all murders, and Australians were least likely to be killed on public transport.

Men remained the most common murder victims, with those aged 25 to 44 and 45 to 64 years of age most likely to be killed.

Of all the murders committed last year, 47% of murder weapons were knives, 24% were firearms, followed by 16% of “other weapons”, 11% of weapons not defined and 2% using a bar, bat or club.

Since a peak of 344 murder victims in 1999, the number of murders in Australia has continued to decline, down to 244 victims in 2011.

For assaults, 65% of all assaults were committed by family members of other people known to the victim, with 29% committed by a stranger and 6% recorded as “relationship not known”.

The figures also revealed the vast majority of 17,238 victims of sexual assaults were females aged between 10 and 24 years old.

Most sexual assaults, at 60%, were committed in a private dwelling, and between 4% and 8% at a range of other locations including retail environments, on the streets, on transport or other community areas.

Victims of sexual assault largely knew their attackers, with 80% of sexual assaults committed by someone known to the victim, or by family members.

If you accept the the Australian population stands at twenty million people(we know that there it’s higher), then the 274 murder victims of a population of 20 million people equates to 0.00137% of the population. Since the population is higher, then the figure of 0.00137 is higher than the actual percentage of murder victims in Australia. While the rate is 274 too many, it’s a far cry from the crime spree the media and politicians prefer to have us believe for it makes the people scared which places the power over our freedoms in their hands.

The Stats are often opposite to the bullshit stories we are told. Once we withdraw from the media and political hype, the World for the West in nations like Australia is very safe. So stop worrying, Australia. You’re safe. Go outside. Go out somewhere. Let you kids free.


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Eighteen Years

We didn’t really do anything for it today but today would mark the 18th year in which the missus and I started seeing each other. We have been through a fair bit over the years. Some things we’ve been through would have broken many a pair up.

When I see as 18…I’m 18…I feel rather young.

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I Created an Ad for My Youtube Channel



When Youtube changed the format of channel page setup…again, they allowed us to have a section on our own pages to display an ad. Not all channels have been changed over just as yet as you have to volunteer for it at the moment but it will soon be the standard format.

I have two Youtube accounts. This one, TheNakedWombat consists mostly of odd ball silly stuff. Feel free to have a look and share your thoughts on the ad I created.

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My Anti Anti-Gun Message

Anti anti-gun message —–> For those particular people who want gun ownership banned, here’s a little history showing that banning shit just does not work;
  • Communist States banned all religion but it never disappeared but went underground. China accepts religion now as it’s the only way they can control it.
  • Gaelic – The native Irish tongue was made illegal and the British Empire was extremely oppressive with the Irish. Gaelic is spoken freely now so obviously the ban did not work.
  • Martial Arts – Many powers that be have sought to crush the people by illegalising fighting styles. To preserve these styles, they were hidden in the forms of dance. The poor were banned from owning weapons so they trained to fight with farm tools.
  • Prostitution – Something that has never disappeared and never will no matter how illegal one makes it. Many Governments woke up and decided to regulate the industry so they can control it and collect taxes from sex workers.
  • Alcohol Prohibition – Well that worked fine and dandy. Created a whole new industry for organised crime.
  • Drug Use – Drug use laws are strict yet drug usage is up Up UP!
  • Street Hooning – Oh yes, these low life rejects who don’t give a shit should they hit some poor bastard. Where Governments have provided access to off road hooning under the supervision of Police and Paramedics, the number of these dickheads filling the air with rubber late at night, drops.
So many examples can be given which demonstrates that simply illegalising and banishing does not work. What does work, is fair and reasonable regulation.

Those who point at America as the reason for banning guns are refusing to accept that there are other nations with guns who have much lower gun crime rates. It’s not the guns but the mentality of the people. As much as I like American people, many an American does have the ‘KILL EM ALL’ mentality to solve their issues and THAT is what I believe is the core of the problem.

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Fucking for Julia


Modern Feminist & Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

I blogged previously about how single parents in Australia have started to turn to prostitution to put a roof over the heads and food in the bellies of them and their children which was titled, Prostitution to Feed the Kids.

Well, I have to say how wonderful it is to have a Federal Government led by a post modern feminist who served as Secretary of a far Left-Wing faction called the Socialist Forum in her University days. About the Socialist Forum;

The Socialist Forum from the very beginning attracted dozens of ex-card carrying members of the Communist Party of Australia to its senior ranks (Julia boasted about this fact in Forum publications) and inherited the CPA Victorian Branch’s bank balance. According to The Making of Julia Gillard, author Jacqueline Kent, “most of the executive members of the Communist Party Victorian branch walked out in 1984 to form the Socialist Forum.” Julia’s pitch to the Forum membership in the mid-1980s was her credentials as ‘a feminist and a socialist’ who was committed to steering the Labor Party towards a more radical policy platform.
Kent’s biography of Gillard includes the Statement of Identity for Gillard’s communist affiliated Forum: “Our commitment to a reshaped socialist objective and strategy arises from our firm belief in the need for a radically different society. We seek a socialist society which includes the realisation of feminist and environmental objectives and which is non-racist… The Socialist Forum supports the election of Labor Governments and making them more responsive to their constituency.” The Forum was basically a Communist Party splinter group.

One thing can be said for sure about Australia under Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. The nation has changed where hundreds of women but most likely thousands of women in Australia now have to fuck to live. Yes, they are being compelled to have sex to pay for day to day living expenses under the guise of good economic governance.

As I said in the prostitution blog, anybody who works as a prostitute because they wish to work in it because they enjoy the job has my full support but to have a Government held by the Australian Labor Party, a branch of the Australian Council of Labor Unions(ACLU) that claim to be for protecting those at risk of being abused, as being the abusers is horrific. It’s equal to a Priest/Pastor/Minister/etc telling us to live a life free of sin such as homosexuality, only to see them living the life they tell us is sinful.

It’s not just single parents where mothers are concerned, it’s students as well. Surely the economic policies that see people compelled into having sex to pay for living standards is really just a Government endorsed form of ‘Sex Slavery’?

Article by the Canberra Times;

HUNDREDS of cash-strapped ACT university students are turning to prostitution to pay rent and living expenses, with 200 signing up to a website that matches millionaires with young women.

A young lady mentioned in the article does not see what she’s doing as prostitution but I have news for her. If you’re trading something for sex be it money or anything materialist in return, it is prostitution.
As for most of the people who are involved, it is a sad day where a developed nation with a strong economic standing the world like Australia is strangling the people of money leaving them to fuck to live.
So yes, the red head with a deep left wing Socialist membership, has given Australia what apparently is post modern feminism by a Government where just about every senior woman in her Ministry is without child, a nation of fucking to live. So Jules, you’re a woman. Bend the fuck over slut. I’m coming in!
*No person who trashes the Office of Prime Minister and the nation around them deserves the respect which comes with this Office of high importance.

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Toddler Drives Car – Cops Spit The Donut


Baby Driver on the Rampage

In the State of Victoria here in supposedly laid back Australia, the Police are on the hunt for a man or maybe even a couple who put a toddler behind the wheel of a car while driving through suburbia.

The video and article can be found HERE 

After watching the video, you will, if you think anything like me, quickly come to the realisation that the car is traveling at a safe pace along a quiet suburban road, not along a busy highway or such. And, the man’s hands are actually attached to the steering wheel. The man is controlling the car, not the child.

Call me old fashioned if you must but isn’t this how we once raised our children before we became scared of our fragile little mites tripping over a blade of grass and fracturing at least half of their skeletal system?

I have a cousin who had the luxury of growing up on a large country property. By the time he was ten or twelve years old, he was able to drive everything up to a semi-trailer. Yep, all 36 wheels worth. He could even drive and work on tractors and motorbikes and knew how to safely handle a rifle and shoot pigs. He’s still alive and last I heard, now owns his own transport business.

Had I in my possession, rented or owned, a property where the kids could drive around the property in what we Australians once referred to as a ‘paddy basher’, I would. A car small enough for a ten year old to reach to reach the pedals and a seat belt that works. What a way to learn how to drive. The fun way!

But we’re in the big city surrounded by a never ending sea of concrete. So we can’t. Such is life.

I hope the Police don’t get hold of these people as I can see the Child Welfare mob weighing into it. While the Police are restrained by evidence, the Child Welfare set are restrained only by the limits of their own imagination.

Do you agree with the Police and that they endangered the child or are you like me and crave to rip away the endless sea of bubble wrapping from our society?


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